Maybe Someday.


Maybe someday, falling in love with my words will lead you to falling (or rising) in love with me as well—for I am merely a humble servant and messenger, yet I am in need of that loving embrace too.

For so long, I’ve feared asking for such a thing from someone else—to love all of me, with unwavering tenacity.

Self-love will suffice but genuine companionship is what I desire most—with the one who not only deciphers these words but can decipher my heart as well; not merely sentiments for her to reflect upon, but also as an indication that this is my swan-song to her.

Alone, standing in the middle of the shallow river I stand calling out to her—my shivering love song unique to her ear only.

Her mind will hear my calls first and she will fear what this means to her senses.

She’ll reject it and question my advance—picking away at it, over-analyzing what I’m singing and finally tossing it aside before ultimately succumbing to my ceaseless gestures.

Enamored for a time, she’ll inevitably wake up from the illusion of infatuation and that’s when she’ll decide if her broken heart is open, fully to me—for mine has been open to her all along.

Whoever she is, I’ll await her arrival…blinded by all else that pales in comparison to the experience, the laughter, the sunshine, storms and sweat we were fated to share together.

Let us not miss out on this glorious life, spent alone rather than embracing it in one another’s company and in each other’s arms—a happy interlude to this bittersweet, yet short-lived life—over in the blink of an eye.

I pine over the moment we finally meet—whether it will be in this life or the next…

I love you, whoever you are.

Yours always and forever,



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