Living Between Two Worlds—A Modern-day Storyteller’s Journey.



The realization of my own duality began several years ago, but really began transforming physically over this last year of my life when the choice to remain as I was, became obsolete.

I was faced with turning back—remaining a part of a dying world that no longer serves those of us who are recognizing change as an inherent part of existing here.

It became paramount that change, no matter how painful, would lead to my ultimate acceptance of what and who I truly am—a warrior spirit.

My desire to satiate myself with material possessions or substances began to wane.

My global awareness of our predicament (which is still relatively minimal but nonetheless incredibly impactful) ate at my consciousness and I was tiring from the repetitive motion of a modern day, post-industrialized society and slow, ultimate suicide.

Starving for both physical sustenance and spiritual enlightenment, I was continually bound to a tug-of-war match between remaining a productive member of society and banishing all of my allegiances to it.

On the precipice of personal, inner transformation, I slowly began to recollect what my purpose here, truly is.

Finding myself standing on a knife’s edge, I only knew that it was imperative I take this plunge, despite the looming uncertainty that lay before me.

Those of us who’ve shed the illusory shackles can relate to how this feels—alienated, discarded and discredited for our game-changer notions.

Once I accepted that I am a crazy fool, working toward doing solely what I love, I was able to go about my work more effectively.

As my decisions began to take root, so did the work interests I’d inevitably begin transitioning toward.

Writing has become my primary focus in life since.

Deep down though, I was well aware that I am indeed a consciously evolving human and have slowly embraced both my masculine and feminine aspects—merging my polarities of light and darkness so that I might become wholesome again.

There was no way through, other than to fall flat on my face—to fail and to accept failure as a natural progression toward enlightened states of being.

It doesn’t matter what we want or how bad we want it—if we have unfinished business, we must settle it first.

We must overcome some of our karmic lessons so we might finally behold the key that unlocks the many mysteries for us to solve beyond what’s already been accomplished.

There’s no end to our soul work while we’re here—it’s best to simply accept that and keep forging ahead, because if we don’t, we’ll inevitably stagnate and this will ultimately kill our spirits.

My own soul progression has been enormous over the past few years—many layers of illusion shed from my reality through direct spiritual intervention, like Theta healing and Reiki, in addition to regular self-care (mental, emotional, physical and dietary health).

Whatever plagues the mind or body and is cured as a result, happens ethereally first (energetically).

This was a sign that I had finally succumbed to what no longer served, so that my mission might finally become more and more clear to me, over time.

This inevitably led toward a very sobering existence—not a choice for the faint-of-heart to make.

I’ll assure you, it will get treacherous, but as certain as that is, there will also be periods of calm and solace, love and embrace.

Seek support from those who will encourage your journey into the spiritual plane, while surmounting this lower physical density.

I’ve had many teachers on varying capacities—some long-term and others short-lived, but they’ve all contributed to my overall learning experience, as I’ve delved into my own spiritual awareness.

I’ve literally had to leave and go isolate myself in the mountains at times—fasting for several days while shedding ego attachments, finding forgiveness and ultimately summoning insights that would prove useful to me upon my return to this mad world.

I’ve gone so far as to change locales so I might find greater peace and happiness in my life—away from all that perplexed me in the past.

Life does not necessarily change suddenly, or mysteriously, but it might.

Remember, this is inner transformation work.

Eventually, we’ll look at ourselves in the mirror and notice our own glow and others will surely notice that something has changed about us.

Today I can look at myself and say, “I’m a real person.”

I’m real with myself.

People will naturally gravitate toward us and seek out our advice, sympathies and compassionate heart, to help mend theirs.

I’m constantly facing the duality of what I attract. When I wish to be isolated, I seem to attract more attention but when I’m seeking attention, it seems to wane.

This is all about learning to find forgiveness, to let go and just to be, without imposing harm upon others.

Their actions are their consequence and ours are ours, period.

We are responsible for tending to our own good nature while transmuting the negativity (using this as an all-encompassing term to describe all that ails us or challenges our good nature).

There will not be any long-term vacations from problems or issues that arise in our life.

Daily struggle is still very much a part of this journey and accepting that as part of our entire nature, helps us alchemize the spirit of transcendence.

My life appeared to remain, for the most part, normal on the surface—most of those who know me have no idea what kind of transformation is taking place within those like me, who’ve answered the call to serve a broader, universal hierarchy unless they’re part of the shift as well.

The majority of a spiritual warrior’s work occupies the spiritual plane and is followed up through actions and consequences in the physical.

So much can be done while we’re residing in a restful state—conservation of energy offers us the chance to recuperate, ground and balance ourselves.

Regular introspection, journaling and Reiki (a healing art) allows my higher-self to liberate its expression.

A slow and steady regression into a humble lifestyle of fewer possessions and more space in time to focus on our gifts, is essential to the progression of a waking race.

There are plenty of people on this planet who will create new means of living and for the rest, they will follow—stewardship.

For every storyteller who starts telling their story and for every artist who begins painting their tapestry, the closer we’ll come to fulfilling our mission.

Every musician and performer must be willing to step up onto the stage (your waking life)—this is your cue.

Something I’ve learned, is there’s never a right time, except for now because we’ll never be ready to take that leap—we simply act.

The elaborate facade will shatter—its brittle, temperamental nature, too delicate for the fierce nature of an evolved race of human beings; sentient masters of their own existence and co-creators, acting in accordance with a flourishing Universe.

The only way I’ve been able to overcome great adversity has been initially through resistance, rebellion and finally, uprising.


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