You are a Spiritual Warrior.



Stop letting your current circumstances dictate what it is you truly want in your life.

Let your mind guide your practical, day-to-day life and allow your spirit to perform work on your behalf that would otherwise be impossible to achieve physically.

It should scare you—what it is you truly want.

Your heart is beckoning you to answer your calling.

What is defeating you right now is actually making you stronger—shaping your very being into what it is becoming.

The pain is our resistance to the Universe melding our existence between two planes.

This is spiritual growth pains, as our spiritual bodies grow too.

Diversity is your opportunity to change and go with the flow.

Accept hardship, suffering and sacrifice as your shield and armor—journeying across a field of battle, both seen and unseen.

Take ownership over your thoughts. Choose which serve and discard the rest.

Loneliness is your test.

Can you brave the storm alone?

Your worst nightmare is the shadow looming in front of you, around you, at any given time of day.

Your liberation is the realization that this nightmare is the illusory construct of mind and fear—the destructive force of nature that is the polar opposite of light and expansion.

Ignite your flame only once you’ve descended the pitch black caverns of your deepest and darkest experiences dwelling inside your soul.

Engulf your being in fire from within and let yourself die.

From the ashes a new person will emerge.

With memories of what was and scars proving that a battle was truly fought.

Remember how painful your journey within was—how treacherous it was to navigate the confines of your waking (and dormant) reality.

Tell others to brave their fears.

Show them how they too can ascend from the darkness of their soul.

Help them stand in their light and drown out their shadow.

Overcoming our dark nights of the soul helps us accept ourselves wholly.

It’s natural to become who we once were.

That childlike voice remains to this day.

Our intuition is a mirror into our reality—reflecting the path leading us along our highest purpose.

Whatever we observe with our five senses is quite literally it.

There is much more happening beyond this perception.

We are and have been in the midst of a spiritual battle between the light and dark.

If you are resonating with this, you are likely a spiritual warrior, healer, shaman or mystic.

Love is our weapon and it is neither right nor wrong what we’re a part of.

Every moment is a choice between love and fear.

Perpetually waning and waxing.

Any given moment we can be feeding the fear, the darkness—or we can be the light.

The Universe is expansive and contracting at the same time—it’s breathing.

This ebb and flow is natural and completes the decaying process so new life may emerge.

A sacrifice we’ll all make eventually and have for eons.

To grow.

To thrive.

To eventually become fully human and embrace our spiritual nature and totality.

Transcending ego attachment and birthing into a new plane of existence.

Your soul eternally rests within the bosom of the Creator as does every cell of your physical being.

It is a fundamentally simple task—being good to one another.

We must ultimately surrender knowing we’ll eventually perish.

The only way through the darkness is through cooperation and forgiveness.

We must learn to let go of what no longer serves this planet’s health.

Influence or action are necessary to manipulating energy effectively.

We’ve chosen to be here during this period in time—to change our trajectory and shift the tides.

No matter what you choose, choose it with conviction.

Own it with your heart and reflect your highest virtues.

Things are not as they seem, no matter how destructive its nature at the moment.

All things occur ethereally first, only manifesting on the physical plane after.

Sever your karmic ties so you may liberate yourself from the confinement of bondage.

Your spirit is eternally granted free-will.

Despite feeling like you are bound, realize this is part of your learning.

To overcome and remember your inherent power and infinite glory.

We’re here to co-create and blossom—emerge from our cocoon so we may spread our wings and be carried aloft in the current of spirit moving through all things.

Rest now child, for you will be called to act sooner than you may think.

Know that when it’s time to act, we must face our fears directly—head-on.

Stranded in the middle of a stormy sea, we must swim toward the light no matter how long we remain surrounded by darkness.

Others will see you and will follow too.

Some will choose to remain where they are.

Let them.

It’s your destiny to follow your heart and abide by a flourishing nature that was designed by you before arriving here.

We’re remembering…awakening.




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