I want my hands all over you. {Adult}



I cannot help myself.

Your naked, surreal body and smooth skin drives me wild.

Your shimmering hair draped messily and that seductive stare you tantalize me with while licking your lips—collapses me.

I want to get down on my knees and kiss every square inch of your body that I can reach with my hands, lips and tongue.

You turn me on like no woman has ever made me feel internally and obviously, externally too.

An impassioned flame rages through my body and your intense sex appeal intoxicates me.

I love massaging your breasts, gently squeezing one nipple while sucking the other.

You fucking drive me wild.

Your taste and sweet juices amplify me.

The feel of your succulent vagina makes me quiver uncontrollably with excitement.

There’s nothing better than when you grab me by the hair and direct me where to go.

I love it there.

Everywhere you send me.

Kissing and licking your soft skin and sensitive spots that only I’ve discovered.

How did we even end up naked?

I swear sometimes that I might be dreaming.

Your enticing voice and moans shock my senses.

Oh my god, it turns me on.

I love how you claw at my back and tear my clothes off first sometimes.

I love grabbing your firm ass and pinning you to the wall in my arms.

The way you gently stroke my cock.

The way you lick my shaft and suck on it so tenderly.

Drives me wild!

I love going down on you until you can’t stand it any longer and finally beg me to enter.

Every time feels like the first.

It’s electrifying and warm and wet.

There’s nothing quite like your pussy, baby.

Every part of your body turns me on.

I love staring into your eyes while I’m on top of you.

Kissing your neck.

Fucking you.

I love it when you take over too.

Fuck me baby.

I love watching you build up to an orgasm and lose yourself in the moment.

I love how you touch yourself while you fuck me.

Please cum as many times as you’d like.

Until you cannot fuck anymore.

That makes me want to cum so bad.

I love how you let me express my male nature this way.

You’re amazing in bed—a godsend.

Thank you for letting me fuck you hard right when I’m ready to cum.

Not too hard unless you ask for it of course.

I love holding you in my arms when it’s over and we’re landing again—finally coming back to our senses and surroundings.

We’ve both gotten lost in the moment—it’s wonderful.

This part of our life together is amazing in it’s own right but I love how much the rest of our time together means so much.

I love you more than words can relate and want every part of you.


I want to touch you all over—with my hands, heart, mind and spirit.

I want to touch your soul.


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