Empathy. {Poem}



Intense feelings that birth from our heart space—emanating in all directions.

Infiltrating and expanding the universe—pervading all life with its emerald force.

Licking the tender wounds of all who stand in its path including our own grief.


Churning, belly tightening, constricting, shallow breathing—hunch or gut instinct.

Worthy or unworthy, pleasure and guilt—belly glowing like an evening horizon on fire.

Deep belly breaths—fantasy.


Arousal, urges, longing and lust—grounded, earthly, survival, fear.

Circulation, blood flow, swelling—juices flowing, salivating, dazed and love struck, rosy cheeks.

Body chemistry.


Brimming, confident and attractive—ego center, left brain tool, chi, brilliant sun shining through me.


Aching thyroid, voiceless tongue, welling up inside—words without a voice, no whisper, no song.

Thought forms, telepathy, clear speech—fluent, a blue bird’s song.


Buzzing skull, insights and intuition—vision, second sight and premonition; twilight.


Unity consciousness—buzzing crown, violet tapestry and cosmic origins embraced.

Oneness, alive—fully conscious, vulnerable and raw yet divine.



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