What Really Turns a Man on About a Woman.



Any man who’s in touch with his masculine and feminine nature will certainly be turned on by a woman who’s turned on by her’s. They’ll be attracted to one another on levels that cannot be fully comprehended. She’ll haunt his thoughts—one seed of awareness will lure him into her. Neither may realize that their subconscious natures are dancing together in unison.

She must strike a tone in a man that makes him stir deep within—shaking up his senses and shining a spotlight on his soul to bare. Her presence will unfurl his insecurities masqueraded as strengths and he knows she can see right through him.

He’s interested in a woman he can match wits with, shed tears with from moments of intense belly laughter and can open up to. He wants a woman he can have intense conversations with that make their heads hurt from thinking so deeply. He dreams of a woman he can rest in the arms of while crying without feeling ashamed.

He craves her mind and intellect—her defiant warrior spirit, delicate whisper and gale-force influence. Her silence will sting him but he will obey her space while focusing on why she’s acting this way. She’ll teach him to listen when she’s silent—her inner voice will usher him to hold space for her while loving himself at the same time.

He wants a woman he can spar with on the emotional battlefield—where voices can be unleashed, pain shed and resolutions met. He wants a woman he can do shadow work with no matter how uncomfortable it is to reveal. Standing up for herself is important to him—he appreciates and respects these virtues.

A woman who mystifies a man, who eludes him the moment he advances makes him thirst over her more. If his heart is truly turned on, he’ll do his best to reach her where he can get through to her. Some things truly worth having may not come easily at first. She’ll tempt him and then abandon him coldly—she will show herself right away and let him decide what he really wants; what he’s really getting into.

She’s an authentic woman—her authenticity undresses his mind and forces him to bear his soul to her’s. He longs for a woman who is truly authentic—who is real with who she is and can see and accept him for who he truly is.

The devotion of a woman’s commitment is something he truly admires whether it’s to herself and her career or to the man she’s fallen in love with. He desires commitment and unwavering faith that a woman inherently possesses.

Having to work hard at earning her attention while acting and behaving as naturally as possible really amplifies how he feels about her. She may make him chase after her for months—not so much as a game of manipulation but more so a desire to continue asserting her independence. She’s not enticed by his advances—she wants to see him behave authentically; she wishes for him to stumble before her so they might bow to one another in praise and admiration some day.

The way she carries herself, projects her good nature and expresses her profound empathy and nurturing truly captivates a man. People are naturally attracted to her just like he is. Her good nature makes his heart ache and he can sense how deeply she empathizes for others and life.

They carry themselves differently—like a calm before the storm; kind and serene one moment and a fury of utter madness the next. He’s wise not to get caught up in her storms but is willing to be there for her when she lands. He wants a woman who will land and accept him into her life over and over again while he patiently awaits her return.

A stare that can kill or seduce—eyes that pierce a man’s heart and mesmerize his mind; captivating his spirit and longing nature; magnetized by her lustful yet subtle and secretive gaze. She hypnotizes him and steals his attention. He’ll dream about her, long for her and pain over her absence. He’ll suffer over her. He will pick himself up time and time again no matter how much she may batter his soul and heart. He’ll let her hurt him emotionally and he’ll alchemize her pain from within himself. His tears will indicate how much he loves her for being her raw self.

She’s a natural born caregiver—living an abundantly rich life full of deep and abiding experiences, moments and memories. A nurturing woman is very desirable to a sensitive man. Her affection will make him weak in the knees but will build his courage and sharpen his strengths because of the way she tempers his heart.

Her eyes will speak to his soul and her heart will ignite his inner flame. They will have a bond that transcends the material plane. They may not ever be together but she’ll nonetheless influence him in profound ways, showing him how to live from his heart more openly and how to lead a balanced, compassionate life.



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