Embrace the loneliness.

Embrace the loneliness.

Dive deep down within yourself.

Be the storm.

Be the forest you consume.

Be the rip-tide.

Surf the wave of emotions that crash down upon your chest.

Shelter the tear that surfaces from the deepest crevasses of your wounds.

Bare the pain and bear it.

Give in.

Let it tear you open.


Sever your loyalty to loyalty.

Burn like the sun, your most vulnerable areas.

Quake at the fears that shackle you.

Give up.

Stop trying to climb this wall.

She or he is not on the other side.

What you want will never be there when you finally arrive.

The only seeking is within.

Your loneliness is your lonely life.

Crippled, terrified and paralyzed with fear, we let go.





A tear liberates our resistance to the insatiable force of what is.

Finally, solace.

We are overcome with a sense of calm and ease.

The love we’re so often afraid to ask for consumes us.

Insights birth new thoughts, meaning and purpose.

Fully grounding into our body.

We breathe deeply into our belly.

Our flame is again ignited.

Worth is reminded of—radiating.

Confidence remembered.

Grief lost.

A voice, no matter how soft or loud matters.

Clarity born from visiting the furthest reaches of our soul’s being.

Presence and connection restored.

Channels opened and attuned to our higher self.


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