How to cultivate a relationship with a mature woman.



Women need to be every bit as intellectually stimulated as they wish to be sexually stimulated.

She is the vessel, carried aloft by the ocean and yet she is the ocean and needs the sea floor beneath her to bear the emotional tides of her soul’s immense expression.

He is the atmosphere surrounding her, giving her storms free reign to unleash their glory and rage in a cyclone of love and bittersweet pain.

A mature man must be receptive to the force of her break yet strong enough emotionally to allow her waves to crash upon the rocks of his soul where peace might be found between them along the ever-shaping soft, sandy shores of their love.

A mature woman exudes confidence and has an insatiable tenacity for attracting people to her.

Despite the pin prick of jealousy that might arrive in any relationship, the warmth that two mature people offer one another far outweighs any doubts about it.

She has traveled to depths beyond reasoning—emotionally harrowing experiences that have taught her many harsh truths about life.

Sacrifice is branded into her existence, determination her shield.

Her understanding of human suffering resonates to her core—empathizing deeply with those who suffer from the human predicament.

He too exudes a compassionate, yet dominant nature—embodying his divine masculinity and acceptance of self.

Beyond that, a level transcending verbal dialect must be learned and engaged.

Our body language often speaks more on our behalf than anything we’re saying.

Additionally, the energetic nature of attraction comes into play.

Are we open to receive or are we closed off and seeking?

Can we handle the emotional weight of a mature woman’s commitment to us if only we can bear the depths of her soul with open arms?

Are we willing to fall into the vast crevasse that is a woman’s raw and authentic nature?

When we finally land and come to our new found senses are we willing to accept the feather weight of their unbridled love and devotion after all?

From her perspective, she’s given so much to help ease the burden of human suffering and yet remains an unsung hero.

She needs a man who recognizes her strengths within her to remind her of when she’s down for a count.

The love she wishes to instill within a man is 1,000 times more magnificent than he might be able to see in himself—she’ll light the way to his heart if he’ll let her.

A man who’s had his heart broken and who has picked himself up again and again will recognize a mature woman and the long term investment her heart secretly remains open to.

Are we capable of looking a mature woman in the eyes and revealing our deepest secrets to her?

Recognize that we’re standing on an equal playing field when getting to know a mature woman.

She’s likely attached to her lifestyle and is interested in inviting someone in who can respect her needs, her time and space.

A mature woman wants a man who offers security and who’s secure with his lifestyle choices.

Independence is important because as we mature, we learn to offer more time and space to our personal needs to maintain our well-being.

Showing up routinely emotionally and mentally can be uncomfortable but a mature woman wishes for us to open our hearts up and bear ourselves to them.

They want a man who can walk upon their coals without getting burned.

We are taught humility when we can accept our nature and the natural progression of life.

Enjoying the company of one another enveloped in authenticity should outweigh the challenges any relationship might pose.

Laughter and an abiding friendship and bond are crucial to engaging a mature woman’s heart, mind, spirit and body.

A playful relationship keeps youth and vitality alive—that childlike nature openly shared and explored together.

Spontaneity keeps the candle lit to avoid the shadow of routine and monotony.

The younger, aggressive male brimming with confidence and hormones who boasts his masculinity through superficial flattery and seduction might distract her momentarily but ultimately, it’s a man’s sensitive nature that will win her over—a man who’s comfortable in his own skin.

She’s far too cunning to fall for the atypical male approach—typically grounded in some expectation that sex is automatically granted to them for being romantic up front (luring her in) yet superficial and closed off once she’s thoroughly intoxicated by his ego (no longer having to chase after her).

Until a man can appreciate a woman for who she truly is—a complete mystery at first but over time, an infinite guide of wisdom, insight, emotional liberation and miraculous healing, she will elude him.

He must relate to her instinctive and reproductive senses, her pleasures and worth, ego, love and grief, communication, intellect and insights and lastly, a grounded relationship without limits.

A man’s instinct is to run from emotional expression until he’s realized that his best teachers have been from heartbreak.

A mature woman will shatter every preconceived notion he’s believed in or realized about what love between two people is honestly like and the power they can cultivate.

She will help him grow as will he encourage her own growth.

His heart aches to love more strongly and passionately in all aspects of his life—waking and dreaming moments of purposeful living.

A mature man is there to lift his partner up when she has succumbed to the intelligible weight of the world she boldly places upon her shoulders—to ease even an ounce of human suffering.

He’s there to hold space for her sorrows to spill forth from her tear stained cheeks for reasons he may never fully understand.

A mature woman needs breathing room to explore her creative and sensual nature without feeling like she’s bound to someone.

She’ll likely to run back into a man’s arms if he lets her go each time they part.

His commitment is his regular attention to her—listening intently and offering his own insights to help her heal from her wounds.

A man must realize that cultivating space to be with a mature woman is like planting a seed, allowing the infancy of relationship to germinate and take root while watering it with love regularly.

In the darkness of uncertainty, the creative forces of love play.

We must witness and observe while respecting a mature woman’s continual and cyclical transformations with awe and admiration.

It’s vital that a man learns to honor a woman and her complex affair with our emotional nature—the unspoken world that is communicated through feel and intuition.

To attract a mature woman and to fulfill her desires, a man must be steadfast in his acceptance of her.

Mutually respecting boundaries is also a pivotal resource for personal and collective health.

His patience will lend insights into how he can continually shape his love of her over time as they endlessly reveal who they are to one another.

We must be raw and sometimes animalistic while other times, unwavering in our faith to maintaining mutual well-being within this mating process.



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