Creating Emotional Wellness Through Safe Expression.



Sometimes we just have to say f*ck it.

We’ve spread ourselves too thin, we’ve been too generous with time and attention to others while busily exhausting ourselves in whatever daily tasks we’re obligated to fulfill.

We forget to tend to our personal needs including proper rest, diet and outdoor activity.

It’s easy to get swept up in the social swarm but we can spend hours of our waking lives tending to something that keeps us from going out and experiencing life in the flesh.

Part of keeping that intimate connection with nature alive is through tending to our own intimate nature within.

We can care for our unconscious selves by treating our needs like we would a child’s—reverting to the fundamentals whenever necessary:

Are we hungry?

Are we tired?

What need could we be meeting right now?

It’s taken me a long time to stop judging my emotions as they arise.

Our thoughts (born from fear) will constrict this energy from flowing through us naturally.

We choose to let our discomfort rise and our uncomfortable emotions flow instead.

We provide ourselves with the space to let these genuine feelings seek the light of day—liberating their expression and freeing us from the burden of possession.

It’s so easy to become distracted from the crucial aspects of our lives that entail self-care.

Simple disciplines will reinforce habits of ensuring we receive proper attention to ourselves as often as possible without interrupting our busy lives.

Intuitively monitoring our diet and how our body reacts before, during and after consumption helps us determine what’s good for us and what’s not.

Ensuring we are relying on a regular sleep cycle with enough space for sufficient rest helps the body regenerate, heal and restore energy to our system.

Fulfilling our desires and needs sparks new inspiration, insights and wonder about the world.

Creativity is an expression of our inner child and longs for acknowledgement regularly.

Our lives are already complicated and our struggling never seems to cease—at least not for very long.

There are always those fleeting moments of beauty surrounding us that will arouse our attention and awareness momentarily but are otherwise inexplicable in words.

We may not be getting to the source of our current suffering but at least we’ll have a few methods of relief to fall back on.

We tease ourselves with equal amounts of pleasure and pain.

Some days we’re empowered and others we’re in despair.

This is the nature of emotions—tidal waves amidst our storms and serene, still waters when we’re at peace.

The mind will do what it will and is likely to invite us to fear what is natural—change.

So I might relate my life experience but I’m learning not to identify with it too much because what I was is not necessarily what I’ve become.

We learn to exhibit these emotions safely and often times in isolation.

The mission of a spiritual warrior might look something like a person who transmutes energy from within and around their surroundings.

It’s a painful and arduous journey—often a thankless job embodying so many unsung heroes among us who stoically persist through the unknown.

We figure out how to thrive amidst diversity.

Over time we adjust to facing our adversity with more confidence.

The path is often windy and the destination or purpose remains largely unknown.

Sometimes we’re simply meant to be someplace for a while as a catalyst for healthy change—healing, restoration and grounding.

As conscious co-creators, we learn to withdraw from abusive behaviors—resigning those learned-habits to more constructive ideals.

Even when we slip up and retreat into ourselves or old habits, we simply create the space for healing expression to offer new insights into the source of why we mask our pain—why we choose not to face ourselves.

A few moments can alter how we feel and so if we just express ourselves naturally for only a few breaths, we might find that relief and clarity to remember who we truly are.

We can appreciate those around us who are directly and indirectly influencing us in so many soul-growing ways—more than we’ll ever fully comprehend in waking life.

We’re able to detach with a sound understanding of the relationship between each of our soul mates and ourselves.

There is so much opportunity to explore beneficial relationships with others and us.

Happiness and joy are cultivated from the simplest of tasks, often times easily overlooked.

Walking is one of the easiest methods of restoring harmony to a troubled mind.

The closer we get to what will ultimately liberate us from our suffering, the hotter it becomes.

We’ll surely get burned many times while we explore beyond ourselves—when we express our true nature as it seeks space for growth.

It’s important that when we’re up, to help others up.

Emotional wellness contributes to both physical and mental health.

We should learn to focus on the collective health of all life here.

They’re meant to flow, simply observed and eventually let go of.

Yes it’s painful but it’s the passage we’ve willingly chosen to traverse—exploring our feeling nature, picking up our broken pieces and slowly putting ourselves back together again as we fit now.



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