Let her know you’re interested—over time.



Even if we’re head over heels, madly infatuated with someone, we should not reveal the true nature of our feelings to them—at least not right away.

From a man’s standpoint, stoicism will lend us greater strength and a better chance at meeting someone if we simply keep our mouths shut—about how we truly feel in the beginning.

The mark of maturity is whether we can continue facing a woman who’s rejected us with humility, kindness and detachment.

There are many ways to approach a woman, but the reality is that we simply have to be open—not just to them but to ourselves.

Are we in touch with who we are? – It’s that simple.

Be a receiver.

Trust that women will let you know if they’re interested, even if it’s only fleeting.

Along with being open, are we feeling which of our chakras are engaged when in the company of this person of interest?

For anyone who requires that intellectual and spiritual connection with a woman, be that.

Sift through the shallow pools and instead, dive into the deeper waters to discover that mermaid who’s eluded us for so long.

Trust the song that a woman is singing to our sensual, spiritual nature—the one who wishes to unlock the library of our intellect.

Women are dying to meet more men here.

But a gentleman must learn to transcend his physical desires and short-sightedness before deserving to be in the midst of a real woman.

We have to learn to stop chasing after all of that superficial beauty.

It’s the nearly impossible-to-get woman that I’m interested in winning over.

I’m biding my time and I know she’s biding hers.

We’ve put subtle feelers out there and despite my weaker ego mind wanting to reveal how I truly feel my intuition encourages me to give it space and time.

I’m assured that giving her space to really feel me out is essential right now.

I’m reminded to remain authentic and to adamantly stay the course of my own life.

Women want men who are focused—they love men who are passionate.

But, above all, women lust over the man who is authentic in nature and who is comfortable in his own skin.

Women long for a genuine man—not to throw themselves at but to open themselves up to.

We are placing our utterly flawed selves at the mercy of trial and love or rejection in the hands of this person of whom we believe our hearts are fond of.

This man loves himself and easily loves others without expectation.

Women need love but they also need space to unfurl a man’s love and attention (or lack thereof).

Women need a man who can be their sail, not their anchor.

A woman will test our faith in our commitment to them.

Don’t be surprised if you’re turned down by someone who actually likes you.

I know this is counter-intuitive advice, but not acting is better than being the fool up front.

Being ourselves is the best hand to play and to observe whether a woman is captivated by us.

This can make life feel lonesome because the reality is that not too many people in life show up and simply love us unconditionally.

This is why we have to learn to be emotionally intelligent—at least with ourselves.

When we are, we can feel the presence of that person the moment we think of them—up and down our spine and resonating from each space of vorticing energy.

We’ll know when to act from the heart.

My experience has shown me that women are often times very reserved about a man’s advances—rightly so.

It takes genuine time and effort to acquaint ourselves with others, especially the opposite sex when it comes to developing friendships or exploring the potential for something more.

Being genuine or authentic can be challenging because we’re conditioned to be accepted for certain aspects of ourselves but not who we truly are unconditionally.

Women possess a subtle, feeling nature that they often relate to when interpreting a man’s gestures.

It’s incredibly hard to open ourselves up to others and this is where we should be making exceptions.

If we’re clear about our intentions and our direction in life, an emotionally intelligent woman will respond to that.

We should not expect someone to simply open themselves up right away.

It’s about learning to meet someone where they’re at while coming from a place of authenticity.

Vulnerability is truly our shield and our empathy is the way we can effectively communicate with a woman.

Do we view this person as a peer and are we intellectually stimulated by them?

We’re essentially placing our hearts out there to be adored or rejected and there’s bound to be tender moments of pain and revelry of the memory when two hearts collided.

This is how we let a woman know we’re interested—over time.



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