When I gaze into your soulful eyes.


When I gaze into your soulful eyes and witness that beautiful smile—sometimes remaining gently hidden yet barely traceable, my heart silently whispers to yours.

Can you feel this passionate love-spiral too?

Are you open and receptive to a man whose commitment lies in loving you?

He longs to kiss her sweet lips and to dance naked with her tongue—holding onto one another tightly until this moment in time stands still.

He’s spent too many lifetimes waiting for her as she’s spent too many waiting on him.

It seems the time has finally arrived when the unlikely encounter of two souls leading such drastically different lives could conjure up such a union.

Is this fate or merely a mirage?

A romance that may only be fleeting yet eternally rekindled again and again.

Her independence is so intoxicating yet he fears the moment they must let go.

His confidence and sensitivity overcome her wits to stave off his enticing masculinity.

What are the odds we can make this fated sojourn last just a little longer this time?

Knowing she trusts him despite so many heartbreaks, he cradles her fears to assure her it’s safe.

His delicate touch and attention to every part of her evidence of his own aching heart as well—two fractured hearts streaming brilliantly while mingling under a new moon.

Two illumined souls embracing such painful yet loving stories of past and present.

They appreciate this closeness, this bond that only loneliness attracts despite two stubborn admissions of such truths.

Unconventional love between these two souls undresses their senses and collapses all logic.

He does not just want her body; he wants her mind and soul—the only relationship he’s dreamed of for so long.

She needs a man who offers his strengths and virtues in intellect and wisdom—his vulnerable heart’s nature right now offering her the assurance she needs.

Undressing their flawed personalities and exposing their wild truths, these two mystical lovers are finally ready to make their next move.


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