Choose a man who knows his path—one who goes after exactly what he wants.



There is no greater reward then meeting and relating with someone who’s driven and has a clear vision of where their life is heading—who’s fulfilling their purpose.

Albeit much of life will inevitably remain a mystery and such a person who has that clairvoyance or deep knowing (often stemming from childhood) embraces this wholeheartedly.

A man who is sure of what he wants out of life exudes confidence—not arrogance or an egocentric nature but one who possesses a fire in his belly that motivates his passions in both waking and dreaming life.

Choose a man who surfs through the criticism of those who’d prefer spectating life from the sidelines—too busy doing than paying attention to the critics surrounding him.

When he’s devoted himself to a craft and believes in his art form with conviction, the mysterious forces of the universe bend to his will—abiding to his good nature and delivering what he knows he deserves.

Choose a man whose happiness is derived in uncertainty yet self-reliance—one’s ability to manufacture happiness in lean times while remaining humble when basking in the fruits of his labors.

He’ll teach others what he knows so that they may too have an edge in life because he understands we’re all in this together, helping one another on some level.

He’s learned how to properly receive and to temper his heart so that only his good will shine outside himself no matter how much the world may seek to poison his bold mind or defiant warrior’s spirit.

Choose a man whose love influences the shifting sands of time, who pours every ounce of himself into a worthwhile relationship with a woman who’s fallen many times just like him—recognizing her pain as his own so he may love her fully for who she truly is.

His nature is sensitive yet stern and he’s learned not to back down to bullying beliefs or indignant opinions—opposition is his adversary yet one of his greatest teachers.

Wisdom expressed in his youthful pose, words flow when they are of use to others—yet he understands that his silence remains his ally when it’s time to listen.

Ever respectful of those around him and courteous to the people who lash out in painful contempt, he feels greatly and transmutes in the solace of isolation often.

Choose a man whose smile is his shield and his sympathy—recognizing each passerby as another human with their own story to tell of whom he seeks compassion and understanding for.

There will always be those who might seek to make him cower but he will not falter.

He’s learned to brave the most vicious of tongues and to protect himself with self-respect and kindness—some of his greatest lessons learned.

Choose a man who lifts his hand to help, not to spite or shame for he will never forget his own abuses when he was too young to defend himself.

Tragedy is a birthmark on his skin and every scar present on his heart reminds him that love prevails, not fear.

The only woman who can tame his wild spirit is one who also knows herself deeply and whose heartbreaks have made her into the beautiful woman she is today.

Together, they stand tall as an impenetrable force to be reckoned with but at the same time this man willingly chooses to walk alone until such a fated romance arrives into his precious life.

Choose a man who owns his actions and accepts his flaws knowing that every experience is a misspelled sentence—a chapter of his harrowing story of love, forgiveness, betrayal and upset.

Pursuing his dreams is the only way he can imagine thriving because he’s experienced the drama of not living fully to the detriment of sound health, relationships and vitality.

Despite the many disappointments and failures he’s lived through, he rises each day with purpose and intent in his heart no matter how well he feels.

Choose a man who loves a woman so deeply that she will lust over his mind, body and spirit—craving a taste of him whenever he’s absent and utterly satiated by his sexual nature while in the throes of unbridled love making.

Intimate and compassionate, he knows that loving someone else requires so much more attention than just mere idle interest and acceptance of a lackluster life drowning in boredom.

Health is his mantra and despite over-working himself at times or being hard on himself, he knows when to relax and to just be—always aware that we are living here and now, in this eternal moment of grace and awe.

Generosity is part of his vocabulary embracing the reality that we all struggle to make the best of each passing day we’re alive and have the opportunity to be of some service to others while taking special care of ourselves too.

Choose a man who recognizes that greatness may have been born inside him but without adversity he never would have learned to appreciate hardship and sacrifice—he is great because he cultivates love from his trials and has learned to banish hatred and illness from within.

Inspired by beauty, not power or greed, he’s moved to do what he loves because of the love he witnesses around him each day of his heartfelt life.

Choose a man who expresses humility in the face of humiliation or pride and who showers kindness upon those who need it most.

Love his raw nature and choose him because he is imperfect yet willing to work for what’s worthy of your love too.


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