Stay With Me Please—Just This Night.


A warm glow cast from the dimming firelight is reminiscent of the time we have to share this unbridled love for just one night.

It’s well past the last hour of yesterday and despite our weary and fleeting romance, today yet remains unknown—a mystery; except for the anguished notion that we must part ways.

Fighting back tears knowing this may be the only time he’ll ever see her—he presses his lips to hers and pulls her closer to his aching heart.

Her butterflies turn and flutter inside the caverns of her belly as her breath pauses momentarily—syncing with his in a moment of silent revelry.

Two souls living a world apart from one another—their hearts finally converging for this short, divine interlude reminds them of the bittersweet moments that make loneliness worthwhile.

Life beckons them home once again upon the inevitable sun’s rise and there’s no telling what fate may arise after such a luminous encounter.

Disguising every thought of what the future may hold she forces herself to remain present—cuddled firmly in his arms.

The fire’s light dances upon her face as he observes her serenely, dreaming of a life they might someday share in hopes it might deflect the truth that this silhouetted morning’s it.

Why has life forsaken those whose hearts love with such gale force intensity?

Her hair’s fragrance reminds him of wildflowers on a cool spring morning—imagining the chilly dew upon his bare feet and the light streaming through the forest that resembles her essence; pervading his inner desire for her soul to meld with his.

There’s only one moment worth living for in life—this one, now; eternally ever-after.

Will these two soul’s paths collide down the narrow, winding road of uncertainty or are they simply fated to meet again in the next life?

Drawing her closer into his affectionate embrace, aware of her scarred past, the innate wisdom she possesses and her feminine majesty—he prays this memory in time never fades.

Some scars are intentional memories forever reverberating through one’s heartbeat, until its last.

Two imperfect souls who’ve led such unorthodox lives yet unrelenting stories buried in their hearts reveal the servitude each has to a life of gloried happiness, grand gestures and reckless abandon.

Forgetting for now, like these embers which will eventually cool, that all is in flux—constant change and letting go no matter how defiant they’ll surely resist, is part of these two spirit’s necessary growth.

A tear dances off his cheek, landing upon her lavender crown and he’s overcome with the remorse of setting her free as reassurance that the impossible might still come true—a touch of denial yet wistful hope.

Feeling deeply, his heart’s pain, she looks up into his glistening eyes and is swept over with a dainty yearning for time to stand still.

Stories untold, only two lover’s deepest longings realized—their whispers and laughter echo throughout the aromatic cedar interior of this cabin’s isolated abode.

As the silence of early morning is awakened by the chorus of bird song, reality sets in and these wandering spirits recognize it’s regrettably time to part ways.

Despite the frailty of such an animated, yet temporary union, surreal encounters must surely end as these two wanderers set forth, traveling alone once again in the opposite direction of life insistently beckoning them to their beloved home-range.



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