To the Woman Who Tempers My Soul. {Poem}


Sometimes I am flattered by those  innocent eyes

A younger woman’s gaze

Her soft skin and delicate impression

The picture of promise & vitality

Alas it’s your wisdom I seek

Your invisible scars emanate beyond your vibrant, glowing body

And your eyes speaking their storied tales

Hardships long past yet your voice reveals the heartache and longing for a man who can decipher your grief

His reverent eyes glisten when looking into yours

Revealing his past struggles and heartbreak too

Our fated lives resemble fallen pride, loss and ultimate gain

He realizes she is older than he despite her youthful prose warmed by her inner firelight

Protected by his humble shield

Vulnerable to her nature and beauty

Dancing in circles in a field lit with fireflies

Under the blanket of midnight’s embrace

Star lust and moonshine’s taste

Her story tempers his wild spirit

His story seduces her yearning soul

Their hands clasp and lips collide

Heart tornadoes mingling in a fury of mystery & lust

This unrelenting path led them to one another despite impossible odds

While dreaming of this moment

Two spirits rising from their body’s slumber

Wistfully meeting here in this magic place in time

Divine interlude

Soulmates unite



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