Speaking on Matters of the Heart—Why it Matters.


The heart is a gateway into our feeling nature and largely expresses our emotional body.

Our hearts speak through intuition and are faith-based—an inner knowing that defies logic and relies on trust to urge us beyond our comfort zones.

Love is the measurement of which we are able to indicate whether our body, mind and spirit are all in synch.

So why do matters of the heart matter so much?

We are largely a masculine dominated society or at least that’s been the trend for some time. I’m encouraged to see such liberation of feminine influences on the rise and hope that our global society might someday reach the equilibrium necessary to bring about a balanced planet—in cooperation with all life here.

For so long, my own body, mind and spirit was dominated by a logical mentality, destructive nature and repressed spiritual tone.

Only after meeting people who were more in touch with their intuitive nature, did I begin my ascent into the world of duality I suppose. Learning about my inherent gifts, anatomy and spirituality through direct experience has helped me personally cultivate that equilibrium within myself.

Things I used to criticize and fear became a focus of study and personal enlightenment—away from ignorance, shame, guilt and denial (mechanisms of mind).

As I grew fonder of my own empathy and even my shadow side, it became easier to observe my feelings exhibited through various chakras and my intuition began to seek safe refuge in my life more often as well.

I’ve also learned to accept my mind chatter for what it is without taking so much stock in the millions of thoughts that inevitably pass through our waking reality.

Fortunately, the only power thoughts have is the power we lend to them.

The other day, I put myself out there regarding a lady interest in hopes that our feelings were mutual. Unfortunately, professional boundaries prohibit any possibility of exploring further opportunities and the reality is that my own wondering if she actually might be interested still remains unanswered.

It definitely hurt having to find acceptance for this despite my insistence at first, to ignore these feelings that flow naturally, whether in her presence or simply in mind. What’s important is that these feelings, despite the boundaries that separate us, are still totally valid.

At first I wanted to bury them and undo what I had done—regarding my inquiry into us getting to know one another further. I pretended that I was capable of remaining detached and that I could walk away without feelings of dejection or mind manipulation (old habits die hard, as the saying goes).

The reality is that our feelings are a barometer for all that we are experiencing beyond verbal communication. Body language offers us visual clues into how others are relating to us in association with our energetic nature as well. Albeit confusing at times, these subtle queues offer us insights into deeper truths no matter what might be said, interpreted or construed superficially.

In the past, I would have allowed my mind to take over, shaming my feelings and rejecting this integral part of me—projecting a signal to the outside world, “Reject me.”

Now, fortunately after many years of exhaustive and despairing moments and experiences, I’ve learned to brave each opportunity as though there’s nothing to lose, yet always something to gain. Despite being shut down essentially, I chose to dive into my feelings head-long and explore their origins. Seeing her again just this day reminded me that no matter what I do in a fleeting effort to ignore such genuine feelings, they’re still true and they matter—to me.

Letting things lie so that we can both continue focusing on our immediate needs is what really matters in this case (so my rational mind tells me) because she’s on her path and I’m on mine—our hearts each involved emotionally, career-wise. This will inevitably happen throughout life whether the timing is off or there’s simply mutual disinterest.

The value lies in loving her platonically regardless of her choices while continuing to love myself for exhibiting such intentions without fear, judgement or abandonment. Maybe someday a chance will blossom but it’s important to remember that genuine, unconditional love exists in detachment without expectation.

In the past, I struggled with the feeling that I could only love one person, but the reality is that I love many people—especially women. I’ve learned that it’s safe to exhibit love for women specifically because I’m aware of the unique challenges posed to their needs and lack of reception often by their own lovers or partners.

Unconditional love knows no boundaries—universally expressed, it is the purest form of acknowledging another without that attachment that a relationship might otherwise endorse.

I’m speaking of platonic love and its exhibition absent the physical, sexual nature that two people might share typically in private—transcendent love.

So I’ll offer my love to her in silence and recognition of her innate beauty and wisdom without bridging that divide again—projecting my love from afar in a respectful and platonic fashion if and when she crosses my mind again. This to me is an important lesson in humility as a means of overcoming disgrace or rejection while embracing acceptance and self-control.

Appreciation plays a large part in one’s ability to love without fear.

There is no shame in being genuine and letting someone know we’re interested. It will only lead us closer to that authentic relationship that’s truly fitting for us. Personally, I shed a tear when I’m alone in such an aftermath. I’m present with what exists and I acknowledge it for what it is—pure and magical; that someone inspired this emotion to envelope within me.

She is someone to seek emulation from for sure, when I do happen to put myself out there again. For now, I’ll simply trust in the divine nature of all things and my place within it acting as a receiver for the time being and a transmitter of pure, unadulterated love—a beacon for that potentiality to transpire when that fateful collision finally occurs.

This personifies our inner knowing that if we trust and act faithfully, no matter how well disguised our fate is we know our intentions are always in-play—working on our behalf.

Never fear the unknown and its accompanying loneliness. For those of us who are alone right now, it’s for a higher purpose we may not have clarification or understanding of at this precise moment. Personally, I’m reminded of the work I’ve set out to do and my determination to accomplish it understanding that at any time someone could walk into my life.

We’ll never be prepared for the battle field no matter how much training we’ve had—however, we must eventually step into that ring of fire knowing we might get burned. Let these scars bear witness to the struggles and hardships, sacrifices and risks we’ve so gallantly accepted as our badge of honor—the recognition that she or he will surely recognize and love us for exactly who we are; unconditionally.


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