Whenever I See You my Heart Glows.


Whenever I see you my heart glows and my eyes glisten. We’ve only begun this dance of getting to know one another, yet I feel like we’ve known each other’s darkest secrets for all of eternity.

Your smile radiates brighter than the warm sunshine and hearing your voice sends a minute shockwave pulsing down my column of light.

Stirring my chakras intensely—emitting a rainbow of energetic, torrent light tunnels cascading forth into the atmosphere.

Other women seem to notice the brilliance of energy you inspire within my soul but I am blinded by your light—your beauty of which is your sweet character and attractive physique.

In the past, my tendency has been to chase after women who possessed all the right features—a superficial facade I so fervently held onto and at a costly expense. Rather than focusing inward, tending to the characteristics of which made up who they truly were, I chose to get led around pathetically so that my male needs might be selfishly met.

After immense heartache time and time again, including a destructive habit of needing sex for fulfillment, it’s taken a long time practicing celibacy to overcome such indulgences for external pleasure.

This practice has helped me to orient further inward, not just within a woman’s essence to really meet who she is, but also inside my own psyche to really feel out my own true nature as a maturing, conscious human being.

The time in my life has arrived where I can recognize and overcome the urges to pursue that which will only negate my overall health and am so fortunate to feel as though a woman who is right for me, and I her, is coming to fruition—at least so it seems.

It’s impossible to expect that anything will ever come of this and I’ve gladly learned to accept the platonic love present in every encounter between a man and a woman. Knowing that friendship is to be treasured most after all because the majority of any two people’s time spent together in such a fashion is far more important than the few that are in the throes of physical love-making.

Romance is cultivated in every moment—true love-making is like tending a garden and requires regular attention, weeding and loving acts. These are the bonds that are like reinforced steel structures—the dynamics that create a successful, lasting union.

Will we someday become that kind of pair—a lover’s match inspired by the heavens and universal expansion?

Maybe, maybe not but one thing is for certain—how much I value what is alive and what’s currently flourishing; the art of bonding.

It exudes you, your majesty and innate care-giving nature. It’s written into your expressions and exposure to others. They see it too but I like to think that you’re letting me see more…

I’m open and receptive—willing to let you into my fractured heart’s life, knowing deeply that you are not the type of woman who wishes to ravage a man’s sensibilities in spite of past heartbreak.

Knowing that leading my own life is still of primary importance, as it is your task to do the very same, I nonetheless have created the willingness, the space to allow for that possibility to materialize—the fated union of two budding romancing hearts to step into one another’s reality.

No matter how much it means to me having this opportunity and privilege to have met you and hopefully begin getting to know more about your light and shadow someday, I still remind myself that if you are the person I truly wish to be with, I must let go now and allow for reception and divine wisdom to play out its story.

There’s still so much to learn and much that’s still a total mystery—that maybe someday will get shared, memorialized and entrusted, but I must speculate no further. The best part of opening our hearts is to reveal our own vulnerability, our flaws and weaknesses and to lay it all on the line—to determine if what this is, truly is real.

Your generosity and genuine influence is precious and any man would be so lucky to share his life with you but deep down, no matter what I tell myself, to let go and receive what’s meant for me, I still wish at night before falling deep within that it’s indeed you and me.

With great humility and the satisfaction that we have so thankfully, fatefully and blissfully met, I bow and bid you farewell my dear.



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