To the One I’ve Waited For—in this Life & the Next {Poem}.


I will never be ready for you,

because I know that it requires a leap of faith to act.

We’ll never be ready to take that leap,

but we will together—whether our eyes are open or closed.

That leap of faith is an act of triumph over fear,

knowing there’s no certainty where we’ll land or how far we might fall.

But I’ve learned that in moments like this no matter how terrifying they can be,

stepping off that ledge into the unknown abyss is the bravest act one could face.

No matter how much time we choose to prepare for our soul’s mate or the illusive readiness we strive so hard to achieve,

the only requirement necessary when two hearts collide is to trust intuition and abandon logic.

There is no preparedness for the fate of love once it comes knocking at our door,

because when things no longer make sense and a kindred bond’s been forged we know we’re as ready as we’ll ever be.

No boundaries exist between the forces of love and that fateful union,

not even fear can pervade the ripple of love’s intent.

No separation between the fate of two hearts and their destiny,

will ever destroy the white-hot-flame and essence of our bond.

Eternally bound in this life by choice of free will,

we walk together side by side until we no longer embody this plane.

The last and the next life will no doubt remain sacred,

knowing one another again the moment our eyes meet.

I have seen you before somewhere,

in a time and place that no longer exists.

I think it’s no secret that we’ve danced to this song called life,

many times and each time becomes more blissful than the last.

Maybe you’ve already noticed me while I hurry about trying to make ends meet,

patiently awaiting me to muster the courage to step forth and say “Hello, it’s good to see you again.”

Are you waiting because we’re both possessed with the stubborn nature of mind…

or is it simply my own fear of you rejecting me like you have many times before?

Maybe I just need to blink once more,

before realizing that I ought to stop pretending you haven’t felt it too and just be the man you’re expecting me to be.

Like a miracle from the heavens you are here in my life,

despite my mind running wildly at attempts to divert from the path leading into your heart.

You’ll be there when I need you because I was there to pick you up too,

no matter how hard we land we’ve always been there for one another.

We’ll recognize each other the moment the time is right,

even though my judgement calls make me think twicewhether to act or do nothing.

Like the feeling of frigid air on my neck sending shivers down my spine,

your cool and calm nature is forever intertwined with mine.

Goosebumps run up and down my arms and I can see them on yours,

telling me, “Hey, she’s waiting for you to say something, anything just make the move—jump!”

Hair on-end and my nerves wrecked,

there’s only one chance here in this moment to make this leap count.

Butterflies fluttering within attempting to steer me right into you,

I have but one choice to make and that’s to set sail for your heart.

As we say hello for the first time—each giggling nervously,

we each crack a smile because we both know this same age-old secret.

Will it be a question that this life was meant for you and me

or can we skip the formalities knowing it’s true?

Will we just know right away that two souls were always meant to collide

because it’s what we both wished for prior to descending here again?

That we were meant for one another this time and the next,

every moment we make worthwhile so long as we’re here.

During this life we are given this opportunity,

to discover joy and happiness in ourselves before sharing it with each other.

This show we call center- stage where we row our boat downstream,

singing merely songs and serenading one another until the failing twilight dims.

In my dreams you came to me one year hence past,

and you foretold of our meeting despite the intentions remaining unclear.

You’ve arrived in my life and it’s incredibly hard to deny,

that it’s really true and it’s happening despite the timing of life’s gestures seeming so unreal.

Speaking to me kindly as though you and I have already been in love before,

my dense male nature can often times elude the creative forces and the trust to simply flow with yours.

Assuring me you’re here and that there’s nothing to worry of,

you remind me that it’s okay to be brave and act swiftly if I am to call you my lover.

Somewhere in the middle wherever that might be,

is where we’ve always met despite timing or appearances all the same yet different.

Although I am terrified to take this leap of faith,

your eyes keep telling me it’s alright and safe to enter your life.

At times it’s been hard to tell if I am just making it all up,

that my romantic lover and best friend is real and here to stay.

For so long I’ve tried to force our fate by asking out others,

but none of them in hindsight can even compare to this feeling I have that I know you have too.

Rather than trusting in faith or thinking twice,

it’s time to act boldly in swift motion and humility.

Our union is a force to be reckoned with,

that no other would dare attempt to sever.

Two lover’s embrace goes unspoken and unrivaled,

when twin flame’s lives finally crest.

I’ve worked so hard to prepare for this serendipitous moment in time,

focused intently on becoming a good man whose worthy of such a loving and tender soul.

Diligently receiving every ounce of guidance imaginable,

so when the time came it would be obvious that true love has been waged.

Love in myself has taught me how to peer through the veil of illusion,

so I might finally see within my spiritual origin and courageously reflect the man of your dreams.

I’d know you love me the moment you turned to me with a gaze that liberated my heart,

from restraints that have bound me to isolation for so long.

We were made for each other by the universal forces,

here to cast a glow of unity and compassion environed in the throes of two wild lover’s natures.

Eons to create the magic that now stirs,

between our two fated claps that fit perfectly as one.

Two eternal souls whose commitment is unwavering,

parting the proverbial tides of all that might attempt to separate two broken heart’s mending and cure.

Whose love creates the Sun’s rays,

the rotation of planets and this Earth plane too.

It is fate no doubt ,

that has brought us here today to dance until the sunset of our next lives of which this will surely ever-last.




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