Introspection—Astrological Tides & Karmic Influence.


For the past few years I’ve begun to notice parallels or loops (karma) occurring over and over so I started reflecting on the circumstances of my life during particular points in time, i.e. a life review of sorts.

Reoccurring themes began revealing themselves through the practice of introspection.

I discovered that certain circumstances and their reciprocal timing were being re-lived in eerily similar fashion; attracting experiences into my life that were much too specific in their scope and detail to be disregarded as coincidence.

Ultimately, I found myself facing the same predicaments around the same time each year with astonishing resemblance.

So I’m learning to pay attention to my habits, asking myself, “Is this reminiscent of this period a year ago?”

Certain behavioral patterns like my mental and emotional states were definitely becoming obvious to me as karmic sign posts—opportunities for change and reconciliation.

Observation offers us insights into our personal lives and the soul work we’re here to solve. We’re bound to these lessons until we finally learn from them—by facing them head-on.

I read recently that every act we commit in this life is repaid to us in the next. “An eye for an eye principle” but we are also granted the free-will choice to forgive and be forgiven instead of seeking revenge (for example) if that be the case. Good acts elicit good reception in our next life and any dues unpaid will continue presenting themselves until paid in kind (sure, pun intended). One might suggest that cause and effect is at play—it certainly warrants investigation into one’s own personal life experience if this is the case.

Patience is another way that we can sever karma that has otherwise hindered soul growth. Unfortunately, for many of us affected by trauma or even physical disability, the cause may be due to prior acts we committed in some past life and the only way to heal ourselves is in mind—a willingness to forgive (ourselves included), so we might break free from such ties.

Essentially, my ailments are solely the cause of my own doing (in a past life) and the cure is the very undoing I possess in mind and spirit. Rather than going too deep here, let’s just say for sake of argument that it’s at least a shot—to begin practicing humility, forgiveness and patience, especially of self as an organic means of hopefully liberating ourselves from these shackles in the next life. Alas, I may very well live with my own mental challenges for the remainder of this natural life and I accept that.

From an astrological standpoint, we know that the moon affects the tides and we are up to 90% water by volume ourselves so it’s incredibly hard for me to imagine we are not affected by the rotation and alignment of other planets and the Sun.

To reinforce this notion, we are electromagnetic (the conductor of life-force energy) in nature as is our planet and the Sun—intrinsically bound by unseen forces that occupy all matter as I understand it.

It’s what stands us up.

[Just for fun: during each equinox and solstice (days of equilibrium), we can balance an egg on its end. Quite simply there are opposing forces at play—a duality of sorts. Try this with your kids at home, they’ll love it.]

I am not by any means astute in astrology although I’m learning to pay attention to natal charts and birth sign compatibilities because I believe our personalities are very much influenced by all of this. I’d go so far as to say elaborately ordained. Remember, our conscious minds are limited to just five senses—our psychic sixth sense(s) is one that either remains heightened throughout our lives or becomes stagnant as we age but can also be developed through practice. It is our subconscious that plays such a major role in equations we simply cannot fathom or begin to comprehend—forces of Nature far greater than our limited, physical density understanding.

I can relate to astrology as a Librascales and the balancing act that is my rollercoaster of a life.

Not to say that we’re bound to such rigid guidelines, meaning if we read our own natal chart, we don’t necessarily need to buy into or own every single aspect it’s projecting. We’re meant to overcome certain aspects of our nature so we can continue growing. All the same, I’ve found it all to be incredibly insightful—shedding immense light on the similarities I possess in comparison to my referenced natal chart and compatibility charts with certain people.

Learning to understand that certain forces are at play, we might start going easier on ourselves if we suddenly have a freak-out incident or a sudden relapse of depression. Check in on what’s happening astrologically during these periods and don’t be surprised if synchronicities exist. The more we learn to pay attention to our biology, especially our minds, we’ll likely start noticing specific trends.

We might for years, struggle to overcome something before one day finally realizing the source of this seemingly bad luck or outbursts of sudden negative energy that consumes us. It’s easier not to judge ourselves too harshly if we recognize a pattern because once we’re aware of it, we have the ability to change it or redeem ourselves.

Times of introspection offer us the space to be alone too when we are feeling these tremendous energetic influences so we might refrain from hurting our loved ones with harsh tones, etc.

The point is that if we’re observant, receptive and open to lifestyle or attitude changes, etc. through our own volition (will), we can clear these karmic wounds and you might be surprised at how swiftly life can change within and around us.

Measure what’s happening around you as an indication of what’s potentially happening within our own subconscious or more specifically, our shadow self which for obvious reasons can be nearly impossible to identify until certain triggers and layers of awareness are realized.

It becomes quite obvious actually, when we observe our reflection in others—you know the ones that bother you so? One classic example is who we continually attract into our reality; specific personality-types. [The universe is offering us clues into whowe-are, not them.]

Again, forgiveness, patience and good deeds are ways of clearing what can sometimes be debilitating experiences. Many universal laws are amenable to those who consciously seek to change their ways if their intentions are pure.

What message are we sending out to the world—what message are we reflecting?

Despite all of this being said, it’s not entirely cut and dry. It will often times remain a mystery as to how we can clear or cancel karmic distortions. Some of it is related to the soul groups or families we’re encountering throughout multiple lifetimes.

But, if one individual is able to learn a specific lesson, it will ultimately pay dividends towards the entire group’s healing which is so often the relation; healing old wounds. If there’s someone in your life who is incredibly difficult to deal with it’s possible or even very likely that you were very difficult in theirs during your last reincarnation.

Roles are often times reversed—the parent becomes the child in the next life and vice versa. That being said, be good to both your parents and your children because it just might come back to bite you!

Journaling would be a great way to reflect on one’s life from year to year.

Is there a message that you’re subconsciously making yourself aware of through a series of direct relational experiences?

Lastly, love is the strongest force at play: Ho’oponopono—“I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you.”

[Source: Edgar Cayce on Reincarnation by Noel Langley under the editorship of Hugh Lynn Cayce]


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