The Union of Love–Two Lover’s First Embrace {Adult}


Lights flicker and the ocean within her tremors, when her soft skin presses against his.

Breathing softly into her ear, he draws his breath down, along her neck and collar bone.

His hands glide up her arms, caressing her supple shoulders and back.

Leaning into him, her weight succumbs, resting securely against his limber chest.

Butterflies torment his belly as he’s sure they are in her as well—yearning for their escape from the underworld.

For the first time they stand bare, vulnerable and naked—one in front of the other.

Lust consuming the faculties of their minds and the uncertain scrutiny they risk facing–exposing their raw nature to one another.

Clasping hands while his weathered lips trace her tender jaw line and cheek, she closes her eyes to escape her fears—licking her lips with anticipation.

Blonde hairs stand on-end as he gently massages her delicate belly and she finds herself perspiring at the thought of his weight upon her.

A warm glow emanates beyond their embrace—a Universe, birthing.

Soft moans signal her desire to meet this man’s penetrating eyes and lush lips.

Staring magnetically into hers for a moment, their souls finally merge—two spirits soaring through the cosmos of imagination.

Lips collide and a spark surges through their spinal columns—Earth and the origin of creation uniting.

Romancing tongues and salivating splendor illumines the nether regions of their bodies—a salty essence and ozone permeating the air.

Her breasts tantalize his curiosity as his fingers dance around her succulent nipples.

Primal instincts aroused, his bare teeth mimic a vampire’s provocative bite.

Enticing her seduction with his subtle, yet pungent pheromone soaked scent; he turns her to face him.

Captivated by her exquisite beauty, his sexual arousal is adorned famously.

The very thought of teasing her moist vagina stimulates him wildly–madly.

Squeezing her sweet, firm ass, he crazes over her divinely shaped curves—thanking the heavens for such sweet perfection; a work of marvelous art.

Tantalizing, wet and seductive kissing leaves his own legs weak but he knows his job is to remain firm and stand tall—divine masculinity embodying him.

Presence fills their space and they are suddenly lost in time…or space or….

No longer sure if this is waking reality, their temptations ensue as her fingernails claw at his back.

Finally gravitating to her clitoris, he presses softly against her sweet, flooding serenity.

Her vocal ques collapse his logic and ability to restrain his temptations—his primal urge to procreate.

She convulses from the play he seeks to excite her with—examining every fold with exploratory diligence.

Swelling reproductive organs throb for expression and union as she claims his member with her hand and strokes his granite erection with deliberate motion.

Running his hands through her shimmering hair while piercing her cobalt blue eyes, he massages her scalp and kisses her pale, rosy cheekbone.

One chakra at a time spins into a tornado–mingling with its opposite as their serpentine energies rise upward.

Sweat drips from their intensely hot bodies as the fire inside them stirs—awakening every cell to its quantum entangled center.

His quenching desire to please her is displayed by his touch and innocent, yet magnificent stare–studying her tapestry as though it were a Van Gogh.

Fantasies surfacing and foreplay his inspiration, he remains adamantly determined to please her until she begs him to enter.

Her thighs grip his skull with vice-like force while his tongue dawns her savory vagina—pulling his hair and squirming while her feminine majesty is unleashed.

Wild, flaring temptations yearn for their escape as two bodies, minds and spirits collide.

Pleading for him to enter, she pulls him up to eye level—gesturing for him to thrust himself between her posturing hips.

With gentle persuasion, his member dances around her opening before finally penetrating slowly.

Groaning aloud, he bears his strength without overwhelming her petite frame.

A rhythmic, erotic performance of eternal love-making ensues—a splendid act of ecstasy.

Thrusting himself deep inside her voluptuous rhapsody, she entices him with her whispering moans.

Pulses quicken and hearts meld—an eruption of endorphins cascade throughout their bodies as these two opposing polarities bridge creation.

Orgasms converge, abandoning the flesh as this spiritual celebration of life bursts forth—transcendent spirits rising above their own bodies momentarily while mutual climax ensues.

Sighing heavily, their bodies convulse and shiver—fully present, awakened and a blissful moment of eternity is realized.

This act of love grounds their connection and bond to one another as two young lovers authenticate this age-old ritual of magical enticement and extraordinary pleasure–the remarkable, inexhaustible art form of unbridled love.








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