Fasting with Nature


Over-indulging too often.

A love affair with Lana.

Escaping reality until the witching hour.

Food, processed A.I. becomes me.

Routine, monotony, security–killing me.

Shelter, the same every day–slave, chained, slay me.

Nothing remains, but the same.

No life lived, just used; pawn.

Junkies hiding in different closets.

Smile, selfie.

Facade, identity…come on, let’s wake up.

Who are we?

No matter how lavish the lifestyle it seems, we rarely appreciate it at its seams.

The real strength lies along that line between our own light, shadow and exquisite divine.

Facing our weaknesses on every individual front-line.

Igniting the flame within that wills us to give into adversity.

Letting go of our captor, the torment and pain.

Anger licking our wounds, yet offering healing solace.

Dreams spawn new desires and pursuits of happiness.

A new dawn and season emerges.

I breathe, for the first time, fresh, cold, spring mountain air–liberated from my cocoon,

“I need you Mother and know, you do not need me.”

If there is a place for me here, let thy will be done and let it be.

Thank you Creator, for this life you have blessed thee.

What are my needs?

What do I need, to be?

So I can be me…

I’ve surrendered before Infinite One, and am prepared to do so again.

Give myself to you in hopes you can heal me.

Remove the poison paralyzing me.

Everything is so close, yet too far.

Why me? Why…me?

Why do you want me to suffer?

Why does such great sorrow flow through me?

Who will save me?

It’s time to go live with the raven and crow.

Where the elk and deer turn southerly to remain warm.

You’ve been tugging at me, I can see that now.

My entire adult life, you’ve tested me.

Will I remain silent, choose to suffer or become free?

Led to the brink, in the blink of an eye.

Glorious life, everything shining, then suddenly gloom–that silent whisper; that shadow in you.

“Where have you gone? Have you forgotten your purpose here?”

Fitting in will never suit you.

Standing out, will.

I’m in search for hope–that we shift the tide of our reality; our morality, today.

Cut me down, stripping my pride, my flesh from me.

I ask the Universe, “Is there a place where people live in unity?”

Can we not work a little closer to bridge inequality?

Is it possible to consume less, reuse more and responsibly manage waste?

If we spent the same on economic development and social equality, as we do on war, we’d rise to a Utopian society within a few decades.

We could radically reduce our impact on Nature while efficiently preserving the unobstructed space necessary for perpetual balance on this planet.

Consider that we are also a budding space age society where civilian space travel is in our midst.

We’re meant to be expansive and grow.

Here, is where we were born, but the galaxies are meant to be explored–a race will travel among the stars and our origins will be but a glimmer amongst millions each cold, dark night we peer back at you.


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