Altering our Reality


If you’re determined to achieve your goals, you’re willing to do whatever it takes to meet them.

Can you accept sacrifice as an integral part of obtaining your dream life?

Are you conducting your best self every moment imaginable?

Is your behavior that of a bastioned writer or an armchair critic?

To this day, I catch myself criticizing my work and the work of others. To correct this, I focus intently on other people’s achievements, including my own. There’s no glory in cynicism. A genuine leader focuses on what lifts his fellow man, not what ails him.

What’s this telling me about myself?

Where is my leadership potential and how well am I directing my life and leading by my highest influence persistently?

When my shadow side presents itself, my nature becomes destructive. It can be like a precarious razor-back ridge that I must navigate to and from each day. This can feel incredibly uncomfortable, for uncertainty to loom over us so often. What’s beneficial about our darker polarity is that it will consume layers of our identity that no longer suit our growth by exposing themselves to us through acts of rebellion [for example]. If we’re attentive to our behavioral patterns and past ‘circumstances’, we’ll eventually evidence what’s worth shedding or molting.

What is propelling me forward and what do I have a strong, gut reaction to?

Am I turning back into fear, of compromise, or am I bold enough to steer into the unknown?

We’re guaranteed nothing in this life except its end, so we must drift when necessary and dig our heels in at a moment’s notice–adaptive to abrupt and sometimes, painful change. I’m slowly training myself to celebrate the crafting process that so many people bravely endure so they can share their inspiration with the world. A realization of the work these artisans and craftspeople tirelessly devote behind the scenes is a testament to fulfilling one’s passion; the dutiful persistence and devotion to restoring a loving world.

I’ve been enamored by these creative types for some time and always love finding myself in the middle of listening to an eccentric’s life story–a perfect stranger met at a synchronous place in time; another serendipitous experience mirroring itself to me. Hearing about the interesting roads these wanderers have traveled to gain enlightenment and happiness from. The obvious struggles and hardships are written into every wrinkle of glowing, weathered skin and the mature tone in their voice–wise eyes glazed over with both contempt at life and compassion for it. Passion exuded in some form of which these splendid humans lose themselves for hours upon hours, creating that timeless cornerstone of their livelihoods. These are the lifestyles worth living for, if you ask me.

Excitement born from entertaining and teasing our drunken desires–those hidden fantasies that encourage our inborn creativity to reveal each identity in broad daylight. Chest bare, heart lacerated, lungs full of sorrow and vulnerability pouring from me emotionally, I silently scream and peer up into the Cosmos for answers as to why I rebel, why I am so defiant in nature, so wild–unfit for societal expectations; feeling despaired yet challenged to rise through my vises. Renewed enthusiasm usually arrives when I am entrenched by another dead-end experience and day dreaming becomes the norm. Robotically tasking myself at a slow and steady pace, eight hours a day–wishing I was pursuing what I love rather than what’s practical.

The opportunities ingrained into our destinies, the primary purpose we’re meant to serve here in abstract ways is what we need to be seeking–the creative forces universally at-play. What pulls us in, sweeping us away–losing ourselves in for hours, basking in for days,  toiling for weeks and starving for months on-end until one day, we wake and the dream we so long ago envisioned is finally before us?

This is the destiny I seek to fulfill–my waking dream.

What is yours?

Are you daring enough to carry out your individual mission in life?

Your one brilliant act?

If we are to lead happy, contented lives, we must work at constructing that vivid wakefulness in our mind’s eye–blurring the line between reality and imagination. Swayed by one force and then churned by another in a vast sea of energy that we are intrinsically suspended in. It is in the impermanence of everything, where solace and wholesome connection and belonging is remembered or newly re-discovered; ingeniously disguised in the eternal web of our existence. The vivid reality of Humanity is a cooperative race of stewards whose sole mission perpetuates an altruistic nature. Humans are observers–we are a single species of brothers and relatives; all nonetheless, family. There is but one, single family on this galactic sphere.

Sick minds are incapable of healing a sick planet until they heal the species. We are accountable for curing our collective distortions by learning of their origins and helping every individual overcome them. Each wave of higher consciousness born onto this planet is contributing to the collective uprising–a mass awakening; a global mind.

As sure as we arrived here, we’ll surely leave but will undoubtedly return [again].

What kind of world will we be returning to?

A better or worse place to experience our internal war and peace?

To face this predicament, our unrelenting duty to ourselves is restoring our consciousness to purer states that resonate with the natural world. Observing the reflection of the world around us, we might continue learning to compartmentalize how small differences, changes or impacts in each of our personal lives might contribute to the global shift towards unity and restoration. Sovereignty is governed by respecting individual free-will while exercising our own, organically.

What work must be done as individuals to instill a healthier mind and sound body?

Desperate times discern radical measures and necessity births new invention–of mind, body and spiritual aspirations. Acting out our script as it’s directed by divine timing and trusting in whatever hurdle or obstacle that stands before us–omens for us to peer deeper into the veil of illusion for signs and insights; guiding us through our next passage of rites. Adventure beckons me to stretch myself beyond limiting comfort zones and to enshrine my reality with that which illumines me.

Waking each day with the enthusiasm and commitment to a craft that’s accelerating me beyond what I was yesterday. As each saying goes, “Inch by inch, life’s a cinch.” and “Slow and steady wins the race.” It can be an excruciating process, working at a snail’s pace towards that vision or dreamscape but the only way to paint our masterpiece is with one stroke of brilliance at a time. Sometimes we make a splash and others, barely a ripple. What’s important, is the longevity of our pursuit–continually refined but never perfected over many moons and winters.

Fanning the perpetual flame of creativity and stirring new expansion.

If we are to drastically alter or improve our lives, we must drastically alter and improve our thoughts, beliefs and actions. Every unique imperfection we can contribute to this wondrous experience is a dose of expression for us to catalog and gain wisdom from. So every mistake counts, every counter-measure, lateral or reverse maneuver we must take to taste a morsel of where we’re headed is an intrinsic strand of the web embodying our soul’s journey. The river of life follows the path of least resistance, but to overcome tidal waves of resistance and mountains of doubt, our spirit lifts us into the clouds, carrying our storm aloft until we’re meant to land again, safely upon the Earth.



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