Transcendental Fantasy. {Adult}


“How did we get here?”, he wondered.

Dreaming that he might find her in his arms someday.

Yet, here she is—pressed firmly against his body.

Her hair smells like spring wildflowers in bloom and feels silky soft against his face as it brushes past.

His lips discreetly trace her thin neck and sharp jaw line.

Shivering from his warm breath, he seduces her senses.

Teasing her ear for a while before planting a light kiss on her cheek and finally meeting her lips.

Tongues dancing.

Moaning softly, eyes closed, she pulls him closer–her pulse quickens and the heat intensifies.

He can feel the ethereal smoke rising from the eternal flame fanning within.

Elemental energy and cosmic love streaming through them–amplifying every cell in their bodies until they quake.

Sighing, her eyes search for his—they meet and their souls merge in unison; breath escaping their lungs.

Convulsing shock waves of luminary essence overwhelm them.

She runs her hand through his hair and claws at him while slowly, subtly, seductively giving herself to him.

Heavy breathing ensues as this sensual dance escalates in quiet, visceral harmony.

Sexual choreography, written and performed in the moment.

As if reading her mind, his lips travel downward—kissing her exquisite curves.

Despite the magnetic attraction of two physical bodies yielding to one another, a deeper bond permeates.

That of two conscious, sentient beings who no longer lust over sex for gratification, but instead thirst for that spiritual explosion of ecstasy it generates.

Lucid—no longer sure they’re awake or dreaming.

The unison of sexual energy thrusting upward, spiraling through each vessel, mingling with infinite love as it passes swiftly downward from the cosmos.

A ceremonial dance that is central to life and giving—letting go and transcending attachment.

Lifting one another to heightened states of bliss and awareness—intense sensations of sheer magnitude and liberating expression.

Their bodies gyrate, push, pull and twist as lips, hands and extremities meet, caress and tease.

A spell is cast over these two souls as they vulnerably navigate the other with hearts fully open and exposed.

Whirlwinds of tidal energy surging—polarities uniting.

Gateways of expansion bursting open.

Tenderly massaging her breasts while kissing, licking and sucking on her nipples.

Tempting him to his knees, she stands over him and directs his gaze to her belly and nether region.

Squeezing her firm, voluptuous ass while making her body pulsate as his lips travel downward—surprising each of her sensitive folds.

Delicate gestures of enticing foreplay as he ever so slowly navigates each thigh, kisses flirting both inside and out—her legs tremor excitedly.

Gripping his hair and struggling for control over her urges, he continues to fancy her sweet majesty.

Her vagina throbs as he presses gently against it with his wet lips.

Asking with a sway of her hips, she guides his tongue to one particular spot to play.

Intoxicated by her juices and her pheromonal scent, he obeys.

Whispering delight, evidenced by her quivering body, he continues to kiss and prod gently.

Stroking, sucking and quenching his own desire to please her.

Warrior spirits, finally lowering their shields and arms, a spiritual embrace ensues.

Entrance into her sweet, perfection.

Moist, subtly shocking and hypnotic.

Stares eluding the strength to resist this unbridled magic.

Acting as a bridge for intense love to birth itself, here and now.

A super nova bursting forth in some faraway galaxy.

This momentary act shatters time. Life for a moment, stands still.

Convulsing from his throbbing member…

Erupting with deep, sensual delight and magnificent pleasure—her enticing orgasms leave her completely surrendered and short of breath.

The animal within him wakes from its slumber, thus awakening hers.

Begging for his seed, mesmerized by his limber maleness, she faintly captivates him with her moist, warm splendor.

Suctioned to his yearning for release, motioning him to sow his seed inside her; tantalizing him with her beauty and deep, penetrating stare—giving way and finally succumbing to her enticing pull.

Melting into her, he groans, pulsates and quivers.

Whether this was wrong or right, it was beyond imaginable as they arrive fully into their present senses and higher states of universal appeal—pure, unadulterated love and unconscious-awakening.

Dazed and glowing, yet revitalized, they wake—two souls who’ve never met or may never will.

Nonetheless, this mysterious play satiates the thirst of these lonely souls wandering through waking and dreaming life, longing for their sultry love-making partner unlike any other mate.

Navigating life in hopes that a fateful, mysterious and soul-expanding moment in time will eventually present itself—two souls stripped of their identities.

Expansive, wild natures and primal urges fulfilled—quenched for a time.

Palates satisfied for now—hidden desires realized.

Drawn to one another by this sheer, unseen force—temptations released and tempered in a white-hot flame of passionate pursuit.

Love ultimately prevailing—fantasy becoming reality.

Soul mates colliding.

Archetypal parables meeting—the symbol and act of creation mirroring the splendid nature of sex.






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