Fatal Comparisons


Something that floats through my mind on occasion is the reflection of my life compared to others.

Learning to overcome the suffering attached to comparing my life with others helps me maintain focus on the essence of my own – the one I’m directing.

Every moment is truly wonderful, despite my inability to always realize that.

Because I am considering a very radical shift from social norm, I’m admittedly anxious about what’s to come.

A 180 degree shift from participating within society to completely separating myself from it.

This vision quest has been calling to my spirit for quite some time.

There have been fleeting moments when I’ve been able to experience the profound transformation that accompanies such a mission.

I’m sure my sanity will be called into question, once this has traveled full-circle and the story is re-told. There’s simply no telling how this will unfold without that first-hand knowledge and wisdom gained.

In addition to fasting, I will be isolating myself within the interior of a nearby national forest area without virtually any modern day amenities that we typically take for granted.

The technology that I’ll bring with me includes a generous backpacking setup and some camera/writing equipment to document the experience.

An undertaking like this requires weeks of advance mental training to prepare for adverse conditions, boredom, danger and fear.

March is early spring here and there’s still quite a bit of snow in the mountains.

Wildlife flourishes here, including black bears and mountain lions. We’ve even received a recent report of a wolf in our region. These are all my brethren and it’s my wish to communicate on some level with the deer, elk and other wild creatures surrounding me.

My hopes are that some south-facing slopes are bare and that a specific nearby creek is flowing. I’ve never spent longer than five days in the field while fasting and my goal is to spend three weeks afield this time.

Why am I doing this?

The goal is to produce a collaboration of experiential thoughts, insights and footage for a short-film that might help others with their spiritual awakening. A lucid, waking experience of what it’s like to reminisce with Nature for awhile – to peer into Her soul and listen to Her whispers.

Addiction and mental challenges have pervaded my life and so it is also of primary importance that I rid myself of some of these vices during this time – a testament to truly overcoming such adversities.

It’s physiologically feasible, to cure one’s self of certain addictions or traumas through fasting periods.

Sometimes an explorer must simply transcend conventional wisdom if they are to ever discover what lies beyond, what has possibly been lost or hidden for some time or to simply satiate their soul’s hunger with adventure.

A chance at redefining how to view and live life absent limitation.

Time will tell how this plays out and a willingness to venture into the mystery is our higher self encouraging us to grow.



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