My Hiprocracy – A Cynic’s View of Our Travesty {Graphic Language}


Sadness fills my lungs and sorrow makes me weep.

We are criminals.

We’ve imprisoned our planet, the people, the innocent animals and plants.

Are we innocent? No! Nowhere close! We are savages!

Sophisticated, innovative, intelligent and without morals. We are but made of judgement and persecution. The suffering is impossible to ignore and my sensitive body is consumed by it.

I do not deserve to eat what has been provided for me, for it has been offered despite warrant – without permission!

We toil until we bleed, but what we bleed for are immaterial things.

Things that offer security and comfort. Our precious identities. Fattening us up for the harvest. Yes, we will be harvested too!

Selfish pigs! If only your squeals were heard, swine!

Let us cheers to lavish this and too much that!

Pitiful people, walking around in a daze, staring blankly into their phones, hoping they too will be saved.

No one is coming. No Christ, no savior! You blessed fools! Starve yourselves slowly, for you are next on the menu! F*ck, I hate this world so much!

I wish it would burn down, which according to prophecy, it will! Seared flesh and boiling blood. Our pride and accomplishments will baste our salty, fattened skin to a crisp flavor.

Does this make me cynical, because I can see the future!?!

Learn how to live with the land, lest you become the soil next!

There is no need to fret, for you have been chosen – to be a complacent human being served on a platter.

Roasted human. A zombie’s delight – raw and bloody; nothing well done here. When you wake each day, remember to check your pulse before going out to consume, consume, consume.

Wasting away at life. This is not a life lived, damn it! No life for me! I’m maddened and want to kill and feel this anger flow through me!

If only you knew, I am trained to kill – to take the life from the living and to feed upon its flesh. I was born to be a killer – a hunter. I hunt and someday, I might hunt you – poor fool!

Never saw it coming despite the warnings on your tube.

Every day the blasphemous governments and religions persecute you; fuel your mind with propaganda! Wake up! We do not have a viable way to live anymore!

We’re being replaced by robotics, nano engineering and a fascist elite, who are rubbing their hands and licking their lips in delight.

“Oh, so close! Our eaters are almost ripe for the plucking!”.

We will enjoy dipping your disgusting human body in a vat of boiling water like we do with swine and cattle – while still alive! We’re going to slit your throats and bleed you dry! Then we will sell your ground flesh back to your loved ones and watch them satiate their greed, lust and gluttony!

Your lips, eyes and ears will be made into hot dogs for children who are starving on the streets. Yes, the ones you’ve ignored day in and day out! Ignorant masses, you deserve to be eaten!

You think the zombie apocalypse is about the living dead?

We don’t need a f*cking virus to turn you! We’ll just cut off your food supply and the rioting, starving masses will take care of the rest. Let’s see what people are really made of. Can you survive what’s coming? Are you willing to kill to protect yourself?

I wish this were a battle over consciousness, which it is, but the reality is that first world people have no conscience!

Technology is replacing living, breathing sentient human beings and all other life forms here.

Replaced with processed sh*t. Three times a day, you ignorant eater! Eat your processed sh*t! Your breath stinks of rotting flesh and plastic! Roll around in your garbage you petroleum laden addicts!

Let the war games begin. Our country is next. A limp country of pathetic people who thought they were above their squalor.

People think I am nice, or that I’m kind. I’m just f*cking keeping my mouth shut, as I watch you filthy animals stir in your own feces.

How disgusting we’ve become – a nation of intellect, not wisdom.

There will be a day when martial law arrives and I will no longer be a kind and gentle human being.

I’ll become the most vicious, ruthless person man has known.

My empathy will die with those who’ve suffered beyond comprehension.

Not even the clap of Zeus will be able to stop my wrath.

I can no longer sit on the sidelines watching a filthy populous bathe in ignorance and deceit. Our children have no opportunities other than slavery. Are you willing to kill and die for your beliefs?

I am.

F*ck your system and f*ck all of your security, you disgusting wretches. There are but a few, who deserve to remain when this bloodshed ends. Only those who learned how to survive.

There is no moral to this story, other than learn to fend for yourself.

It’s f*cking coming and you’ve been warned – the end.



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