Silent Death.

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I am terribly saddened by the news of a close family friend’s passing today.

She left this Earth yesterday morning, by her own choice.

As hard as I find it to speak openly of something I feel powerless over, it must be brought to light.

Another example of this silent killer.

One truly never knows who is secretly battling with some form of disease or depression.

It has sneaked up on me many, many times—so insidious, we’re in its midst before we realize it.

This goes to show that no matter what age we are, this darkness is ever-present.

The life-exhausting force that pulls us into oblivion.

I’d like to pass along this message to the other side, “Your confusion is natural, but remember that you’re receiving all of the love and support necessary for you to learn from this experience. You’ll never be alone.”.

There might be less confusion about death or the after-life if only people embraced our eternal nature.

Who we are now, is only an illusion. Our identity does not define us, no matter how it shapes our reality.

No judgement or persecution awaits.

We’re all a part of a school.

Entrance into one world, before birthing into the next.

Despite the anguish I feel over the loss of a loved one, especially knowing the depths and pain that those closest are feeling, I understand this journey enough to celebrate too.

Difficult as that may be.

Their passage into the next life.

It’s remarkable and no matter where they are in their soul growth, they’re 100% supported and loved without question.

What we experience here is painful, but beyond the flesh, it’s exquisite—beyond words.

Oh how I wish we could prevent this, which is why I bring it to light.

The uncomfortable truth that so many are inflicted by this silent disease.

A seemingly inescapable reality.

Today, I ask my angels to support everyone I know, here now or beyond with their sorrows—offering them comfort while they confront their darkness. Let thy will be done, thank you!

My job is not to understand your pain, it is to remain present on your behalf, while you experience whatever it is that requires expression no matter how dark it may be.

You’re never alone.



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