Turn Your Life Around.


Stop compromising on circumstances that will only leave you standing in the same place you were when you realized how unsatisfied you are.

Give up resorting to old avenues that will ultimately lead you back to where you started.

Turn into fear, when your past arrives and attempts to convince you that here is where you belong.

Stop negotiating with your mind and the endless obstacles Mind would love to place in the way of your path.

Focus on the path.

Ask, “What is my path? What’s worth sacrificing so that I might find myself truly loving my day-to-day without the drag and resistance to waking each rise in spite?”

Allowing each new circumstance to deteriorate slowly while I let my mind rationalize why I’m still playing it safe.

I’m tired of not trusting my heart.

Time and time again, believing that what’s practical is where I fit into this world.

Offering no resistance to the system at a fatal cost to my health.

Over-stimulating myself on a regular basis, until my adrenals crash and I end up bedridden.

This is not the vision I had for myself when I was younger.

Naivety is a funny thing.

Why do I find myself compromising with what others would have me doing, instead of doing what comes naturally from within myself?

The answers are so easily overlooked when we’re consumed with outsider’s perspectives of our life and how it ought to look.

Taking a stand can be difficult but it’s necessary if we’re to surmount our struggles.

Our struggles consisting of the monotonous, boring life we’ve framed for ourselves, because fitting in and believing we’re secure is the way to live our lives.

Sometimes harsh choices must be made and those decisions are never easy to make or follow through with.

But if we’re to gain control over our lives and the direction it’s heading, we must be willing to get lost at sea for awhile.

Chew off limbs that are binding us.

We must sever the cords that drain us and beg of our attention and acceptance. The kind of cords that seek validation and comparison—chains.


I’m still learning how to ward off the energy-suckers. I’ve been one too. Part of the human predicament. Harvesting energy from others as a means of sustaining a miserable existence. Suffering; surviving; out of control human beings.

This is the darkness, or void. Many have been lured here and here is where they remain. Tempting us in, lusting over material things and a shallow existence. Make no mistake, there are aspects of darkness that still have a hold over me—things of which I really enjoy. I’ve felt the darkness consume me and take hold of the material plane around me. It can sweep the most cunning from their feet. The darkness can be intoxicating, awakening parts of ourselves that have starved for attention.

I’ll go so far as to say that creativity arises from the void—this place of darkness. Where does light come into play? Where does our expansive nature unfold? So I guess, I’m learning to play with my shadow side and dance with it for awhile. It’s expression is still a part of me and I will only feel like I’m wasting away, unless I learn to let my entire self be free.



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