Are You Awake?


If you are, then you can see the world in a way that eludes many.

No longer chained to consuming for comfort or worth.


That’s what we’re known as..

By those who would seek to keep us enslaved to a system of self-absorption.


Eating our own flesh.

Drinking our own blood.

Slathering ourselves in greed.

I’ve heard the average American has about 300 slaves.

So I can uphold my cheaply decorated facade.

Pretending that all is okay in the world and that the world is good, when in reality I’m the cause of suffering on an untold scale.

Beyond comprehension.

That I’m part of the human predicament, not apart from it.

This is a war on consciousness and only those who are conscious have a chance at overcoming our peril.

Some will fervently protect their illusion.

Many would kill over any disruption caused to their beloved system—their fix.

The harsh reality is that we’re long overdue for revolution.

Longer overdue for hard times.

Karma’s calling in its debts.

It’s time to pay up.

Energy borrowed is energy owed.

The takers have taken for too long.

It’s time to give back.

We must conserve our resources and cherish them.

Technology can take us beyond the Cosmos, but the Earth cannot.

She is wounded and we have inflicted the trauma.

Our duty is to heal this planet of our predicament.

The war on mind.

Fear and love.

What does a globally aware audience do in times like this?

Matters of the material plane are but a reflection of the non-physical plane of existence.

If you’d like to paint the world, paint the imagination.

Visualize massive, conscious awakening occurring worldwide.

Millions of people spontaneously waking up to the poorly orchestrated matrix.

Suddenly awake, in the game.

Like it’s a dream.

Well it is, sort of.

We are, on some level just dreaming, or experiencing ourselves subjectively as one, unifying source of all that is.

Earth is a playground for us to learn on and play.

Unfortunately, many have decided not to play nice.

Despite the atrocities these influential people are committing, they too are deeply wounded.

They also belong in the circle of life and require immense healing.

We all do.

It’s why we’re here.

Part of our journey, is recognizing in others, aspects of ourselves.

This reality is hard for many to understand or face.

Who wishes to admit, they too are capable of delivering harsh punishment.

Obeying orders is one way.

In fear.

People do atrocious things out of fear.

But also, for love.

When the safety of those we love is compromised, what are we willing to do so we might protect them from harm?

Harm another?

We may be desensitized to entertainment and violence—even war, but first hand experience is unlike anything imaginable.

Everyone should experience what other cultures around the world are like.

I’m amazed by the sheer force of love present in the most poverty stricken area I’ve ever visited.

Millions of people.

What we’d consider a third world country.

Yet deep-seeded love pervaded this place.

People finding happiness in frugal lifestyles.

By frugal, I mean poor in relation to American standards or judgement.

The way these people went out of their way to help others amazes me to this day.

It was a humbling experience to have my eyes opened to a broader, world theater.

All in one day, I thought I was getting hustled, kidnapped, pampered and pleased.

Acts of shear generosity disguised as nothing else.

These people were genuine and went to great lengths to act as gracious hosts.

It was an extraordinary experience.

One of which I am so happy to have learned and grown from.

A model of living.

Sometimes, less is more.

In this case, it’s indeed easier to generate more from less.

More love, fewer distractions.

Not a popularity contest.

More people playing on a level playing field.

Let’s rid ourselves of class warfare.

Again, all in mind can we overcome this.

Our children deserve our attention now.

We’re fortunate they’re already figuring out how to solve our post-industrialized societal catastrophe.

Every feat is trivial, if we destroy our host in the process.


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