When we’re not challenged enough, we stagnate.

There’s no more miserable way to live, than a mundane lie.

I’m tired of just surviving.

Countless days into a now, severe cold, I am only partly coherent and completely exhausted.

Sleepless nights, fevers, extreme headaches, constant body aching and restless insomnia.

As inhuman as I’m feeling right now, in a few days, I’ll feel revitalized again—maybe a little fatigued.

Right now, I’m imagining what it might be like, immersed in Nature for awhile.

I would love to interact with the deer and elk.

There may be a lone wolf wandering around out there too.

For now, I rest as often as possible, fighting the urge to get up and move around.

Conservation of energy.


What’s this story telling me?

What limiting belief causes this cold?

Some element of fear is what influences me to contract.

Withdraw into myself.


How do I overcome this in the future?

How do I remain diligent to a healthy lifestyle?

Sometimes I wonder if I’m actually an emotionally unavailable person.

There are days when I feel like I am and days when I don’t, I guess.

Learning to trust in vulnerability and the moment.

Remaining open and tender.


But necessary.

Surrendering to the what is moment.

“This is happening. This is happening.”

Accept what’s happening—stop resisting it.

These lessons are here to teach us something about our lives—ourselves.

Make peace with your ailment and let it serve your overall well being.

Life is not happening as fast as we’d like to make it out.

We’re just moving faster.



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