Endings, Yielding to New Beginnings.


Look into your past if you would like to understand your present circumstance and future.

I just know, when it’s time to make a change in my life, whether I’m prepared for it or not.

Part of my struggle is lacking the self-motivation to urge myself beyond self-imposed routines.

Abusive patterns turn up.

Seemingly inescapable habits return.

My theories of overcoming addictive behaviors are washed away.

The ability to control my faculties, apparently lost.

Possessed by any number of indulgences.

Is this depression?

Sometimes I wonder, when we’re in it, if we are capable of realizing our predicament.

Change will reveal the essence of this current experience.

It’s empowering to face change.

Whether that entails hardship or ceremony.

Right now, I’m isolating myself.

Giving my body time to rest and heal.

A mild, yet lingering cold is a great reminder that I’ve been neglecting my health.

Confronting these devices that have held on dearly for so long.

Trusting, strangely that the Universe is leading me along a divine path away from my own perils.

These confusing, limiting ideals that I should conform to.

Receding into my own plight.

Constantly battling between a practical existence or a wondrous lifestyle.

Learning to embrace less.

Minimalism offering peace of mind.

Fewer distractions and more freedom and desire to wander outside and play.

There are days when nothing is stopping me from seeking adventure.

Then on others, when under the weather and barely coherent, I could only wish I was out there.

Life is mysterious and I can hardly imagine confining myself to one way of life for its duration.

My soul beckons me to grow.

It’s hard to refute what the heart wants, once we learn how to deal with mind.

Accept the ego and fear as parts of the whole.

Believe what your intuition is whispering.

Signs are everywhere—pay attention.

Follow what comes naturally.

Or, what may seem impossible, yet every cell of your being begs you to pursue.

There is a common denominator I feel suddenly compelled to speak about. It seems that the more money one has, the more they inherently waste.

This sheds new light on my soul’s wish for me to embrace the ideal of utilizing my resources as efficiently as possible. Finding as many end-uses for post-consumer trash, e.g. recycling, upcycling, refining, composting, etc.

In my opinion, trash is the “elephant in the room” that society is still negligent of facing.

How can we solve this issue?

We owe it to our future generation’s inheritance.

Preservation of life and resources.

My hopes as a student are to someday, share my wisdom as a guideline to live more naturally.

Some of the happiest people I’ve met, live in what many Americans would consider poverty-stricken circumstances.

Yet they seemed to be thriving. They were close to one another.

We all want our cake.

We’ve all likely sampled it a time or more too.

Sobriety is this year’s key agenda.

My physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are too sensitive.

These destructive behaviors must be overcome, yet again.

Yielding to a brighter, more realistic and hopefully ideal life.

No matter what may come, we learn to face it head on.





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