A Good Man


A wise man realizes his flaws and keeps them at the forefront of his inner self work.

He does not bow to the gestures of a society that would wish him to salivate over material lust.

Never, will he cut another human being down with sharp words, now fully aware, understanding and empathizing with his own trauma.

Bottling up animosity, he steps barefoot upon the earth to heal his energetic wounds.

When his temper is tested, he will practice deep breathing techniques along with finding space alone or in Nature to sever its poisonous root.

These harsh tones are not meant for him to lash out at others, especially when they’ve been directed at him.

Instead, he’ll climb to the top of the nearest mountain peak and if necessary, scream at the moon until his body, mind and spirit’s toxins are purified.

He’ll corner the negativity looming in mind, examine it and will begin surgically transmuting his thoughts until they become peaceful and content [again].

This requires regular attention to himself and again, that time in solitude where he can assimilate the meanings behind someone’s animosities.

Reflections of others, his own.

Laughing now, at having lost his mind and incredibly painful and destructive egoic death.

A death of which liberated him from the trenches of warfare between fear and love.

So many people around him, still suffering and subconsciously clawing at him to help.

There are no visible scars from the suffering he’s survived or caused.

Yes, he has caused pain to others as well.

Not a single day goes by, when he does not allow his insecurities to surface for yet, more soul work.

Generous to strangers, he helps when and how he can, often in only small ways, but helpful nonetheless.

A warm smile is currency.

Gifted with empathy, deep-seeded passion and a vivacious stance on life, he explores endlessly.

Beyond the known, he delves into the occult – what is hidden, unseen or unknown.

Mistakes, he’s assured are a natural part of his evolution – to becoming a man.

Masculine divinity at his gates.

Only he can enter and only he can consciously choose in every moment, to be a good man.

Or, he can lose control of himself and allow the human predicament to madden him.

Only perception changes.

All other circumstances bend to this sheer force of will.

Intuition is honed to a finely crafted instrument.

Ego is a tool he uses when necessary.

Loving greatly, he’s often confused by the stir of emotions within him, when temptations call.

Women can be his greatest weakness and strongest allies.

The opposite sex can intoxicate him, if he chooses to quench his thirst with their seductive yearning – juices dripping from the tip of his tongue.

Blood flowing to his male extremity and enticed to revert back into his primal self.

Their sensuality captivates and mystifies him.

Braving his own pragmatic urges to reproduce – to procreate; an alpha male’s dilemma.

Embracing the divine within the feminine, he ensures that his loved ones are lifted up when needed.

Beholding the feminine within him – guarding it, by protecting other’s.

Often written into the expression on someone’s face or in the words they write, he always recognizes their call for help.

Nothing to be questioned, just answered.

Love answers.

Speaking kindly, he offers his.

Sometimes in silence.

Or holding intention, he might connect etherically (with their higher self’s permission) and will simply let a stream of love flow between them for awhile.

Opening himself up to this unseen, yet felt mystery.

Wild and untamed, his magic is not cheap parlor trickery.

Wielding great influence, he understands how easily people can be manipulated.

Having been manipulated himself and having been taken for granted or deceived so many times before, a shield of white light now surrounds him when confronting his battles.

Unhappy people everywhere, it seems.

Identity running rampant.

Consumed at times, Nature beckons him home again – to ground himself with our Mother and allow the Cosmos to trickle down through every cell of his complex body.

Faults are tattoos.

Hiding them in the past, he no longer hangs his head in shame.

Pride is not his chosen strength either.

Compassion however, is.

Whether it takes moments, months or years, his self-improvement works never rests.

Finding it helpful to instill love within others through encouragement, insights or constructive criticism, his advice is given when asked for.

Unsolicited advice, he’s learned is unbecoming and are marks against his hero’s journey – the ascension path.

Spiritual but not religious or political, these powers no longer preside over him.

Too wise to be fooled, again and again.

No longer a fool.

Some might say that a man like this is dangerous, because what he’s become capable of is more powerful than a million-man infantry.

A weapon of mass-construction.

Charlatans they are and he stares right through them – penetrating them to the core.

He’s feared because he’s misunderstood, yet revered because his actions speak more than an unbridled tongue.

Gentle, mysterious and often times elusive, one might wonder where this man has drifted to.

Lost, but not.

Likely tucked away in the mountains or tirelessly working towards his pursuits, he finds little value in the material pleasures that wreak havoc on people’s addictive need for more.

Those were the days in his younger years, when he fit in and was popular – yet had many enemies.

Now, he chooses the sanctity of deep, abiding friendship (a rarity) and is likely the most stern advocate of saving his reproductive gifts and acts for a woman who makes his knees weak, yet will never admonish him so that she might find herself above his valor.

Integrity is a virtue, but not something he’s carried with him.

Founded on character and struggle, his mighty strengths have been exchanged for his abandoned weaknesses.

Ignored for far too long – being an emotionless, physically, emotionally and mentally abused boy.

His father’s tongue struck him time and time again for years and years – degrading his sense of worth.

Abused and tormented when he was but innocent.

Today, his innocence walks with him but he is also cunning.

Stirring the kettle, he’ll never hesitate to rustle feathers and cause a commotion when an opportunity for soul growth emerges.

Immense learning takes place when the collective sheds a layer of illusion.

New horizons materialize.


Fortunate for his mistakes and own learning, he gracefully makes amends with his former lovers and friends or family – through intense forgiveness.

Life is too short, as the cliche goes – to become a hardened person.

Instead, he opens his tender, broken heart to become a peaceful, spiritual warrior.

Practicing moments of awareness and attentiveness.

Finding bliss in simplicity and happiness in less – often times equating to so, so much more.

Imperfections riddle him.

Conscious awareness radiates around him – emanating from within.

A good man knows, he’s flawed – imperfect.

A good man is only good, once he learns to let good flow through him.


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