Motivating Potentials

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Not everything in life is going to compel us to act.

Some things will inevitably test our volition to pursue our calling.

For me, much of what motivates [personal] action, is steering away from things that no longer serve my interests.

It’s been a long road – desperately overcoming egoic expectations, validating my existence and proving my worth to others.

Before realizing, “I have nothing to prove nor will I ever meet your expectations” [or my own for that matter].


Because, expectations are in my opinion, a means of which will ultimately leave others (including myself) disappointed, dissatisfied or disapproving.

So how do we set goals, dreams, ambitions, plans, etc.?

Well, it’s important to remember that life is happening now and today, is really the only time we can act.

But, to motivate that action, we must be willing to sit, rest and be [present] on a regular basis.

What can be done today?

What can wait?

Am I still worthy if I fail?


Validating our existence, seeking attention or people-pleasing are signs that we are not focusing enough attention upon ourselves.

Working harder or staying busy does not necessarily equate to productivity.

Time and time again, I’ve fallen into the trap of “busy work”; being very productive at really, nothing.

This can be the result of distractions -too many of them, keeping us from maintaining our focus when it’s paramount.

We can easily differentiate when we’re getting things accomplished and when we’re simply spinning our wheels.

Done it. Done it. Done it.

For me, steering back into past decisions believing that a different outcome will arise has led to immense suffering over time – again and again.

What I mean by this, is that we’ll often times revert to fear and what we’ve settled on in the past, to make determinations affecting today and tomorrow.

Every time, I’ve arrived at the finish line exhausted, lacking will power and feeling like a failure – like I’m starting over again.

How frustrating right?

Sometimes, we need to do things that aren’t in our favor so we can recognize what is.

So we might invite gratitude into our lives for the things we’ve worked hard to earn and for what no longer remains a part of our life.

Appreciating what we have, now is vital to accepting more good into our lives.

Being happy for no general reason, yet allowing its meaning to resonate within and around you.

Typically, when I’ve been at some of my lowest points in life is where I have successfully summoned personal courage to expand my potentials.

Often, it is others who indeed inspire change within myself.

The motivation, however is work that I must perform, absent too much comparison to others while allowing the measurement of success equate to tangible results over time.

There’s no telling how long we must pursue our ambitions before they become measurable to others.

Either way, if you believe in something – never give up.

Kind of cliche, I know but if you really want it, time will tell you whether it is really yours or if your want is truly a need or not.

Reflect on this last year and the various achievements you made.

Did you help someone in need?

Were you a good and reliable friend?

Are your relationships healthy?

What other good things happened over the past 12 months?

This might help you alleviate being so hard on yourself.

To be clear, so much of what I’ve learned in life is not because it was a strength, but rather, a weakness that I knew could eventually become a tool or resource that might assist my overall well being.

Character is born from diversity.

Learn to turn failures into success stories.

Pick one obvious area in your life that could be improved upon and get to work.

It all adds up.

Every area of life contributes to another.

There is nothing random about your human experience.

There’s no real answer or direction that any one person must go other than where their intuition might lead them.

At times, against what their ego might warn against.

Learn to decipher your mind and heart and determine which is best to follow at that time.

Ego is great for organizing certain aspects of our life, but can also be a destructive force too.

The heart is no more or less the same.

What might seem like a complete disaster at first, might soon prove otherwise; once we’ve realized the value of an experience and how it relates to our overall destiny.

What potentials lie within you that desire expression?

Are you fulfilling your purpose [as a friend, parent, partner, teacher, student, etc.]?

I believe that we each have pre-destined missions to complete as individual souls – carried out over many lifetimes or incarnations.

We can however, choose to sidetrack for as long as we’d wish.

There’s no reward or punishment for any of our decision-making.

Karma does play a role in all of this though – meaning, what goes around comes around.

Money will never equate to your potential – it is illusory, as are your dreams.

It’s merely a byproduct of your actions or productivity.

Nothing short of actual work is necessary for creative forces to assist you.

For those of us with sound minds and bodies, service is what will deliver your needs.

We always have plenty.

If we’re feeling lack, focus on what you have plenty of – until you feel satiated with appreciation, gratitude, joy, etc.

Do what puts a smile on your face, entices daydreams and leaves you feeling better, more fulfilled and accomplished during and afterwards.

What’s contributing to your endorphin release each day?

Interact, play, laugh, cry – enjoy the moments.

To clear many of the distractions in my own life, I’ve learned to live with less and feel as though my life has more.

Born within (the idea that I am never without).

More time, freedom and space for expansion [of thought, creativity and decision making].

It may sound counter-intuitive, but I’m learning that sometimes, doing nothing is better than the alternative.

Sometimes, just going for a walk leads to a solution.

How can we live with:

Fewer bills, less headaches or heartache.

Deeper commitment to self and others.

Different illusion, new connection.








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