Excite Me


Let the electricity flow from your center.

Tickling my aura with your secret desires.

Breathe in and imagine me.

Feeling my voice in your ear.

Sending shivers throughout your body.

Toes curled, you sigh deeply.

Wanting me – temping me.

Vulnerable, yet still yielding to my exploration of your curves.

Teasing. Salivating.

Staring into my eyes – lusting over my sensual whispers.

My fingers, lips, tongue and breath gently caressing your skin – your most sacred and enticing landscapes.

Tasting each other – lips locking.

Our scents mingle and bodies sweat.

Crawling up your spine – the Earth’s womb awakening within you.

Tender excitement rising.

Shallowness of breath and butterflies trying to escape your fire.

Moaning, gesturing, “More”.

Surrendered, moist and shuttering.

Eyes glistening, mind wild.

Wound tight, letting me in and letting go – softly whimpering.

Releasing – allowing your inner animal loose.

Primal instincts emerging; flaring madly.

Intense awareness illuminating the moment.

Cosmic, eruptive emotions escalating your divine feminine majesty.

His gestures answered, she gives into him.

He enters; she succumbs to his masculine nature.

Energy rushing down them – tingling.

Flashes of lights, life-force streaking through us.

White knuckles, gripping me as I thrust into you slowly.

Magnetic attraction – awake; surreal; present.

Your hands sliding along my limber body – pressing, pulling and massaging.

Embodied, magical – an eternal dance of procreation.

Mystical ecstasy; euphoric.

Again please“.



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