Crossing the Line.


I’m willing to walk right up to the line, but will not cross it.

How many times, have I stood at the starting or finishing line, without crossing it?

Committing ourselves is vital to forward or lateral progress—maneuvering.

Courage is my defining strength.

Foolishness or bravado might urge me over the line.

Beyond my boundaries.

It feels like a million needles prodding you electrically.

Very uncomfortable and constricting for awhile.

Whatever the reason to cross over, just do it.

We’re not meant to remain confined.

Our nature is expansive and diverse.

We are explorers and expression is natural.

Health arises from healthy actions.



Disappointments and failures.

Tiny successes and celebrations.

We are meant to grow and change form.

Everlasting love.

One thing I’d recommend, once you’ve crossed over, stay over.

Be decisive.

Take calculated and dangerous risks.

Face your egoic fear.

What lingers within you?

What’s starving inside?

Sometimes, we must tread lightly when journeying new territories.

Other times, we simply need to charge through.

There’s no right or wrong way, but through.

We must experience change to learn and grow.

There are definite walls or obstacles, right where we stand to gain the most at that time, or simply never realize what was so near, yet ultimately missed.

Take a chance—on yourself.



Right here.

Do one thing differently and tomorrow, if you’re blessed enough to wake and see another day, repeat.

Another thing, different than you would normally do.

Conscious habit changing exercises, which at first seem random but over time, you’ll recognize mysterious changes unfolding in your life in accordance with a willingness to move and experience a new subjective reality.

Accept where you’re at in your personal journey.

There’s but one destination, of which we’ll all inevitably arrive to, so what’s the real rush, right?

Let’s learn, to live for one another.

Cross each illusory border and unify this experience.

Interpersonal relationships.

Grassroots community developments.

Mentoring and study.

Connecting with Nature.

Inspiring art and creativity.

Conserving space for all life.

Cultivating, instead of killing.

I will make such a small, overall impact on the entirety of this world before I leave here.

An impact, nonetheless.

What kind of impact do we wish to make?

Experiencing quality moments with others is what’s really important to me and I’ve crossed many lines to let someone know how I truly feel about them and that I genuinely care.

It makes a difference to me, that people know how unique, important and beautiful they are.

I’ve crossed the line—many times, I’ll admit it. But I don’t regret it.

Life is too short; over, in the blink of an eye.

I’m here, personally, to love and to share that love with others—all life.



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