Are My Intentions Pure?

pexels-photo-medium (5)

Is it selfless, to love someone from afar in bittersweet silence?

Or am I selfish, to let a person know how much they mean to me—for no reason?

This meaning however, erupts from my heart space.

She is woven into my tapestry.

A thread, amidst a million others.

And yet, we met—at some point in life.

You mystify me.

Your greatness pummels my spirit.

An ignorant man cannot see you for who you’re destined to be.

My sacrifice, is to love you in a way that never confines you—no tether.

Your wings are open to the wind—you drift high in the whispering wind of our Mother’s womb.

Over the land and seas.

I too, feel liberated when you are free.

When our souls collide, we understand one another completely.

We’re no longer shackled to the other.

Instead, we agree to be virtuous to our commitments.

Standing in our integrity.

Knowing, love is eternal.

Our duties beckon each of us back to our work.

Every individual’s purpose.

A service.

If there’s a glimmer of hope that we can walk through this life together someday….I pray to Nature, it’s you.



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