I Can’t Quite Get Enough of You


It’s so hard to imagine letting go of you.

Case in point, because I want you in my life.

All of this detachment and freedom and liberation from….

How am I supposed to have a meaningful relationship with someone when letting go is the new thing?

Sure, I’ve adjusted to this phenomenon for some time now and it works great!

But, I want a tender, young-at-heart, mature & wise woman who needs a man to hold her in his arms.

Her strength, still her own – wielding her feminine essence with grace.

“Okay, I need you -may my ego digress”.

Pride and circumstances, dwindling.

Let’s just put the finer details aside, like future and commitment, etc. and get busy getting to know one another instead.

Show me your shadow.

I’ll show you mine.

No judgement, please.

Acceptance, hopefully.

Looking beyond the monotony of daily life, struggle and underlying feelings of inadequacy.

Fear-born disastrous thoughts and deeds.

What if we went for the raw moments and trusted our intuition and gut instincts?

Because I can’t tell you where I’ll be or where you’ll end up going, eventually.

We’re all travelers here, to this time and place – remember?

Imagine, opening our hearts to meet our opposite potential.

Now is what’s important; tomorrow is uncertain.

“Take me or leave me” attitude about how we direct our lives and who we allow in it.

Fearing, but believing.



Owning ourselves.

Can we be a rift in someone’s life?

Despite our modesty, we surrender and expose our vulnerable nature to each other.

As though we’re standing naked across from the other, never having spoken before.

Silence permeates our voices.

We pierce the veil.

Enlightened monogamy of spirit.

Our eyes remain locked, our breath synchronized. Poised, we touch and feel and sense each emotion as it rises.

We’re present – entwined empathically.


Your mind’s eye winks at mine.

Telepathic nuances whisper subtly.

My Sacral enticement stirs your desires.

Primal energy awakens.

Love presides.

Two souls, at it again.

“Your pain is now my own and having felt it, I wish to help you heal so I may heal and all can heal.”

These moments are so precious, being with you – for no reason, other than the benefits of unbridled love, passion, creativity, expression, sensuality, craving and hysterical laughter.

Emanating our space – warm touch, warm breath and a longing kiss.

You challenge me in ways I’ve previously refused to accept overcoming.

Motivating your pursuits, I assure you, “I’m here.” to support you.

Listening with my heart and your ques.

Driven to tears, led by frustration and forgotten loneliness, we step through our shedding skins.

Glimmering innocence, iridescent glow and inescapable desire – your radiance glistens.

Fleeting, yet exquisite.

I’m always mystified by you – your eyes, when they penetrate mine, my heart gives way.

Sometimes I wonder, what you see in me but when I gaze into your soul, I am reminded that we’re indeed a reflection.

Words cannot justify what it is I feel about you – your unique shimmer.

There is no distance, my love – eternally grateful we danced, celebrated and wed for awhile.

The candle remains lit.

Like two wings of a butterfly – we are but night and day.

Fire and rain, earth and air.



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