Take Me Away


I want you to lift me off the ground.

Floating above myself.

Swept off my feet.

No longer on the floor, I rise.

Looking down at myself.

Drifting upward into the night sky.

No boundaries.

Nothing remains intact.

Form becomes formless.

The way you move me.

Through me.

Every cell awakens.



Shivering and energized, my senses acutely alive.

The way you speak to me.

My heart whispers, “Please”.

Your voice is sweet.

Surrounding me, peace.

Never stop.

Moving me.

I want to feel your presence.

Inside me.

My male energy stirs.

You flirt with the primal part of me.

Sound traveling in waves.

I am the beach.

Your tide, swayed by the moon, crashing upon my body.

Heart pounding, your beat reverberates in my chest.

Come to me.

Give yourself to me.


We are vulnerable.

No one else needs to understand.

There’s no rule for love.

No bounds.

We are but, instruments for love to express itself.

I am honored to love you and feel you.

Your love emits an energy – a signature.

We are never lost.

Never without.

Crevices soldered with gold.

A silver lining.

Perfection comes and goes.

Fleeting passages in time.

Memories adrift in a sea of sound.




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