Walk Your Talk

pexels-photo-medium (3)

I’m going to talk about my walk.

I’ve always struggled with conforming to society.

Instead, I am learning to adapt – to an unexpected life.

Gaining and losing in life, I have walked away with new memories – each one, bittersweet.

I still maintain a few sentimental “things” and overall, very little in material possessions.

A minimalist, I guess.


Yes, there’s still an immense amount of baggage to check.

Emotional and mental experiences that remain unresolved.

Painful and enjoyable moments in time – suspended in their nature, awaiting new expression through the liberation of a change in perspective.

New ideals are reached and I transform into something I was – long ago.

When I was a child.

There was a time when I knew myself, because I’d never lost who I was – my origins.

This unexpected life has taught me the value in relationships.

With all life.

Nowhere close to where I imagined being, or no further from where I need to be, I have learned that here, is really all that’s important.

Here, now.


Join me, will you?

So put the reputation, worth and expectations away and join me, won’t you?

Let’s go out and play – shamelessly.

Today, let’s just be and enjoy what’s in our nature – what has never left or been severed from our immensely loving, child-like days.


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