Mending Regrets


While watching a video about people’s regrets, “Letting others down” came to mind—relating to my own personal experiences.

Forgiveness heals—past, present & future.

Forgiving ourselves is also necessary and probably the most essential part of the equation.

Practice forgiveness by writing down anyone’s name that you might feel requires forgiveness or if you’re asking for theirs.

Remember to forgive yourself.

Write, think or say a statement asking for their forgiveness, forgiving them and forgiving yourself.

Bathe in light and make an energy break.

Move on, absent attachment to the outcome.

It weighs heavy on me, to feel guilty over actions I’ve committed in the past—basically out of my own selfish pride.

I feel like it’s possible to accomplish anything we set out to do that’s worth working toward. I’m positive that I could have painted a different landscape while still arriving where I’m meant to be or simply at, today.

Obviously, no two paths will ever be alike—but, the sooner we learn from our age-old lessons, the more likely we’ll be leading richer lives.

If it’s in our awareness, it is our job to heal it. Otherwise, it perpetuates.

Are we here to judge everyone’s nature or heal these distortions?

A regular question I ask myself, “Am I behaving authentically?” often—as a reminder that I’m here to express my true nature.

That natural, fluid dynamic is of opposing polarities.

Shadow and light behavior.

It’s funny, because I almost said that today, I focus on standing people up—as a countermeasure to “letting them down”.

But in all honesty, I feel better as a human when I treat others good.

When I’m not feeling highly of myself, I try to think about the good that others see in me and work toward believing I’m a good person.

Obviously, I have some issues to work on.

What’s the cause of my guilt, shame, regret or sorrow?

Why am I, as others have put it, hard on myself?

Set about making things right with those you felt you’ve wronged by helping people around you.

Deliberate acts of generosity and genuine kindness takes work and effort.


Because we’re focused on making ourselves available when others need us, i.e. perfect strangers or someone obviously in need—not just when it’s convenient for us.

My hand is raised, “Guilty”.

This can place us beyond our own comfort zones.

This work eventually takes root and our seeds of service radiate beyond their origins.

It’s not our job to judge people’s individual situations—their battles.

Hypocrite should be tattooed to my forehead if this were the case.

There’s another easy choice to make when setting out to mend our ways, clear karma and explore new opportunities: make choices that don’t lead to regrets later on.

Introspection helps us raise our own awareness.

Trust your intuition to help guide your decision making.

Logic is not always right and should never dictate every circumstance.

This is when creativity should be allowed to play.

If we have attachments to regrets or any other form of painful memory, performing energy breaks can help.

This is where visualization practice helps.

Understand that we are corded to others; people, places and times—past, present and future—energetically.

Discern whether something (or someone) you’re corded to is beneficial or draining your energy capacity.

Does it ever feel like people are siphoning your energy?

Close that floodgate!

Our skin is our largest organ but our energy-field is our super-computer where all change is made, first.

Quantum physics can help decipher our complex biology—well beyond the normal five or even sixth individual senses.

You’d be surprised who you’re corded to once you commence listing names or reflecting on what the mind’s eye summons for soul work.

Something I’ve learned in the short time I’ve been back to the material plane, is that it’s never too late to end one chapter and never too soon to begin another.

If you’re unsatisfied with the latest draft, you can always edit, delete, revise and re-write a new chapter; maybe just a new paragraph or sentence.

Whatever satisfies your inner child’s purpose.

It’s good to fall down and start over—to pick ourselves up.

Restoring faith in others—just in different ways now.

Despite what fear would conjure, opening ourselves up—exposing our tender and fragile wounds.

Being vulnerable—turning inward, into our heart’s caverns.

Learn to let normal, mediocre and mundane be grandiose—because it’s the moments that count.

Bask in the moment. Get some fresh air, go for a bike ride, walk or run—for no reason.

We don’t always have to be headed somewhere.

Sometimes, heading in no particular direction, is okay. It’s actually really good for us.

It can seem difficult to imagine our inner child leading the way, but this innocence within us has never left and has only grown wiser. So despite how we might feel about letting our wild nature loose, the only path to liberation is through our higher self—that child-like image of God.

I’m not even religious. I have never read the Bible.

Spirituality has shown me (through parables, i.e. life experience) that the One Infinite Creator is just that—well beyond our limited comprehension and senses.

All things, known and unknown. As the saying goes, we are Spirit, having a human experience and here’s a trade-secret—there’s no right or wrong, no condemnation or reward. We are here by our own sheer will to experience diversity through fragmented soul growth.

There are a myriad of ways to confront and transmute our traumas. What’s important is to allow your child-self to embody who you are today but you have to be willing to feel that pain this child has held onto. We must create the space for ourselves to release and that might entail curling up into the fetal position and sobbing hysterically while in the safety, trust and presence of people (loved ones) or in solitude.

This can be a destructive, but necessary process and there’s no telling in any individual case where this will lead.

Which conflicts torment us and what are we willing to do, that will alleviate heart-ache or shame? Once we learn where the battlefield exists, we can better equip ourselves for rights of passage.

Humankind’s conquest (or more respectfully, his surrender) is what our duality here is about.

Navigating consciousness.




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