Blind Acts

pexels-photo-medium (2)

Stop believing that once you’ve obtained something, you can then accomplish some goal or dream.

The time will pass either way.

We are bodies, in motion—through time.

Suspended in Nature.



Rest is essential to restoration—as is regular attention to our bodies.


I’ve known people who are starved of attention.

Not from others, but to themselves.

It’s hard to explain, but they are “spiritually empty”.

I’ve known this myself.

Act on what compels you to move forward.

Trust guidance from new or unexpected experiences and opportunities.

Why starve our hearts of love, long before we die?

Believe in what the Universe desires of you.

Confide in the unknown.

Confront your captor.

Quit holding yourself hostage from exploring new horizons.

Turn to Nature for guidance.

Hear her whispers—feel the soft, intricate dance of life.

Become Her rhythm.

Are you the storm, the lighthouse or the crashing tides?

Be a pillar.

Solid foundations are built brick by brick.

Mother earth intends for us to spend time, paving each moment to withstand the test of her magnitude.

Time in Nature has taught me to surrender—to give in to Her.

Taken in by Her.

An alchemical transformation occurs.

Spiritual and Material polarities merge.

Connection with our origin is restored.

Shadow and light mingle.

Eternal symphony of shape-shifting magic, performance and play continues.




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