Can You Weather my Storm?


Questions to ask one’s self, “Will this person accept me after weathering my storm?” and “Can I weather theirs?”.

Our truths always surface and it’s our choice whether to trust our intuition or not.

When I look at you, I can see your storm and I wonder, “Can you see mine?”.

What’s beautiful about this, is how beautiful you are.

I accept your nature but am terrified you’ll deny my own.

“Why?”, I wonder.

Despite how I feel self-consciously, I hold my ground.

“See me as I am or don’t see me at all.” because I am as Nature intended.

Loathe no more.

The relationship you seek, is within yourself.

A recognition of one’s self and allowance to be, exactly as they are – no matter how painful it is.


Necessary, if we are to be ready for battle—of wits and an opposing nature.

The opposite sex—our counterpart.

This strange creature, who dances wildly around the fire with me.

Enamored by her beauty and vivid expression, my animal instincts are heightened.

She mystifies me—her freedom.

Dare I get too close, she might cast me into oblivion.

But, a foolish man knows not and will, with brave naivety, close-in.

So to fool himself of her intrigue, he dances and shows her, his sacred dance ritual.

That child-like spirit, alive inside—battle scarred and wary, but slightly wiser than when he was young.

A primal dance ensues and the two of you square off until dawn.

Exhausted, you either give in to your urges or carry them swiftly with you—into the mysterious beyond.

Cast your gaze her way.

Let her know your male nature, charge and stamina.

Only when she surrenders, do you have her and this moment will not last because she will inevitably return to her wild place.

Pick yourself up and remember your journey.

If your shadow and her light can mingle, then you might get to dance together again but only when you can light the way for her shadow as well.

There is no rhythm to your drum or hers, but one that only you two will hear.

Rest patiently, atop your mountain peak and gaze out at the vast wilderness separating your heart from hers.

Sing loudly, drum endlessly and keep the fire lit if she is ever to discover your presence again.

Silently whisper into her ear and let the winds carry the message.

When lightning strikes and a wildfire ensues, scream your insanities to your God and sacrifice your ego death to the shadow realms of our material plane.

Let Spirit in.

Walk with Nature for a time.

Lose her in the forest.

Bury your past and allow new life to emerge.

One day, you will hear the sound from somewhere long ago.

A primal ceremony around a ring of fire.

You’ll think it’s your imagination but when you look up, she’ll be there in your midst.

“Are you a mirage?”, you’ll ask.

In that moment, you’ll be filled with love and know that whether you are together always or separated by time and space, you’re connected eternally.

Each storm will emerge and settle, passing with time.

As will the moments of peace and serene stillness.

Rest assured, that your archetypal lover and companion is with you—in your heart, always.

Weathering each season, with you.


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