Loving Wrong to Loving Right.


Loving the wrong person can often times steer you toward someone who’s right, instead.

I’m a bit of a romantic at heart and have neglected this aspect of myself for too long.

I really enjoy the sensual aspects of flirting and exploring the mystery of someone new.

It’s fun getting to know them, having a slight infatuation and harboring excitement for when we might see them next.

Try leaving it to fate for awhile.

For me, living in a small community lends to a surprising amount of chance encounters with people we’ve met.

Obviously, being active and outside often is the most likely way for fate to help us out with meeting new people.

Rather than jumping in and asking her out, my tendency has been to leave things up to the Universe while we get further acquainted over time.

Modesty is likely what prevents me from advancing more but I’m one to pick and choose wisely instead of tarnishing what can otherwise become a great friendship.

So often, I’ve believed that someone was a good fit only to find later down the road how indifferent we actually are.

Attraction makes this complicated.

I mean, physical attraction and a reproductive drive to procreate and spread my seed.

Having slowly advanced beyond instinctual attraction, not fully overcome but managed, I am now able to see into her mind more clearly.

Experience has helped me recognize what makes her unique and beautiful in mind and spirit, not just physique.

Don’t mistake these honest eyes. I love to study the splendid curvature of a woman and her hour-glass hips.

There’s something mysterious, magical and incredibly sexy about the matriarchal woman.

The love affairs I’m interested in are those where two souls collide in spirit and intellect, emotion and wits.

Genuine connection on multiple levels.

Let her challenge you—she’s very likely an incredibly insightful person who is naturally compassionate and caring.

Never take advantage of a woman’s generosity, nor should kindness be mistaken for something it’s not.

What kind of attention are you offering her that’s uniquely you? Remember, that she likely receives a lot of attention from males.

Nothing to be jealous of, but keep in mind that it’s inherently natural to compete – again, from a biological standpoint.

Are you capable of competing without behaving like a big, dumb animal?

Reveal the ever so slightest amount of vulnerability to her so she can relate to you more deeply.

Always express humility.

What makes us smile and laugh in one another’s company?

Do our interactions unfold naturally and are they enjoyable or memorable?

From my perspective, the small things matter.

Remember the little things about her, like her intricacies and cues.

Body language occupies the majority of our interactions.

Sometimes women need our love and attention and that’s it. It’s okay to love without being attached. There’s nothing sexual about this either, if our intentions are in the right place.

Love originates from the heart.

Verbal communication is vital and conversation ought to flow smoothly, making the time pass wistfully.

Be thankful and pass along through the Ethers, your appreciation for all of the ‘wrong’ women out there for you so that your magnetic attraction to the right person will be unmistakable.

Once you’ve met that special someone, pursue her.

Let her know you’re interested and give yourselves quality time to learn more about each other.

There’s no rush—but we aren’t getting out alive either.

Sometimes opportunities come and go and so letting your intuition guide you will help determine whether it’s right to ask her out or get her number to call sometime.

Believe me, she’ll let you know if she’s interested—a woman’s ques are subtle, yet very suggestive.

This is when you trust and act, without analyzing the moment like us men often do.

In a world where we’re all connected, rather than text, surprise her by calling so she can hear your voice.

All of these ques matter -she’s feeling you out.

Trust takes time to build; part of the necessary foundation to any relationship.

Put your own logic aside for awhile and trust your right brain’s creative voice.

Smile often and gaze silently as you instill your love, so she can safely reflect her innermost vulnerable areas of the heart.

Cradle her expressions delicately. Often times, we are still mending old wounds and it takes time to bridge the divide between two people’s mutual faith and understanding of one another.

Respect her past and honor her life choices in silence.

Allow attunement of two souls while they mingle in the dream-scape for awhile.

Creative works of spirit lends to the cooperation and synchronicities of two counterparts while this archetypal courting unfolds.

The best advice I could offer is to ensure that you never stop leading your life and straying from your focus—your purpose.

Women need a secure man and that begins with being secure with one’s self.

Passion, pursuit and persistence are virtuous qualities.

As a wise person recently suggested, focus on the path instead of the obstacles.

Discover the essence that exists between just you two—guard it with your love and compassion.

Divine masculine occupies both our dominant masculine and feminine aspects, complimenting our true nature.

No matter how many times you fail, she’ll recognize your worth without fault. Never step over your mate if you seek to have a flourishing partnership.

She’ll bring out the very best in you—parts of yourself you might not have believed in before.

Your shadow self will inevitably arrive, as will hers. Recognize this and cherish those parts that are innately you—human.

Make sure you’re becoming the best version of yourself if you truly want the best version of her, whoever that may be.

What kind of environment are you creating in your own life that’s conducive to a healthy relationship with the opposite sex?

It’s about learning yin and yang—embracing difference.

In a world of instant gratification, some chivalry and quality presence together or away will surely generate stronger ties as things unfold.

Focus on her and remain attentive, not distracted by your smartphone.

[It’s unfortunate that I even have to mention such distractions that are plaguing our ability to connect on deeper levels.]

Surprise her with flattery and stationary. Gift her with the little things that matter to her.

Show her the many ways that you love her over time. Make the moments count because that’s what we take with us.

If you’re serious about the right woman entering your life, make space for her long before she arrives.

Create a life of enjoyment that you’ll look forward to sharing with your future partner.

Never forget, you’re a catch too.




One thought on “Loving Wrong to Loving Right.

  1. I am sure that you realize all that you offer to anyone who reads your writings. You offer strength, hope, sanity, resilience, faith in the true heart and so much more. Your teachings are there for the learning. There will be those who are not in a position to learn, soul search, or even believe in a deep committed love, but your teachings will be there for when they are ready. We all have our journies in life which lead us to many emotions, how ever they came about. It amazes me how you seem to touch upon so many of these emotions. Thayne, you are truly wise beyond your years. Now to keep reading………. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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