Stand in Your Darkness.


I do not wish that you stand in front of your darkness in hopes that I will not see your shadow.

I want you to show me who you truly are.

Tell me your darkest secrets.

Show me what lies deep down.

I am interested in helping you get more acquainted with who you truly are—both light and dark.

We are all messengers of love and fear.

Which we choose as the overwhelming force to abide by, is solely up to our own deeds and desires.

Are you pretending to be something you’re not?

I can see you—because I have peered within myself.

Let us rejoice in our discovery, that we are all blessed and cursed.

Together, we can mend every broken heart and allow each tender wound to heal.

Trust, that you will not survive this journey.

Nonetheless, it is imperative that you still accept what your higher calling has urged you to complete.

Fear not, your shadow self.

It is a part of you, whether you decide to banish, accept or dwell in its pervasion.

Even when the candle is lit, the darkness surrounding it exists.


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