Love, Absent Boundaries.


I’m not asking you to sleep with me. Rather, awaken with me.

I’m asking you to grow, in love—not just with me, but yourself and others as well.

Love is not merely a reservation for two.

We try and border our love that we exhibit toward others, yet we cannot escape its contrary and expansive nature.

Confined, sheltered and confused, we conjecture that only our spouse, children and loved ones shall receive ample love while ignoring deeply seeded emotions and beliefs—to share our love with perfect strangers or someone we might have an intellectual or physical attraction to also.

It knows, no boundaries you know? Love.

Love harms, no one—nothing—ever.

Our perception of how to love, rather than being simply, in love makes loving painful—by attempting to control its faculties. Resistance within our bodies that are starving of authentic love, care and attention might resemble why we think love hurts.

Attempts at measuring out our love to others results in a dramatic escalation of the opposite effect. Often times, we confuse sexuality as an exhibition of what real love is. Yes, romance and intimacy might readily be reserved for two people in a monogamous partnership but platonic love need not be ignored and deserves its expression as well.

So many people are lacking this prerequisite—unconditionally loving themselves and others. I, myself often lack the integrity to love my disproportionate body or abstract mind and eccentric qualities. There are times, when tears roll down my cheeks because I feel devoid of my own sense of completeness.

We seek, outwardly for that loving acceptance from others—longing for this felt-connection. Learning to dig deep, our well-spring ultimately spills forth an endless bounty of love—if only we’d let it.

There are so many moments, where love could be exchanged in utter silence. For some, it’s too much—to allow this immense feeling to reside within us, absent judgement or explanation.

I’d argue that one partner will ever fill each void within my heart and soul that is longing for a diversity of expression and fulfillment. By no means am I advocating multiple partner relationships (polyamory for example) but rather, loving absent boundaries or exception. Beyond surface level, past the facade of identity, worth or matrimony.

Recognizing the inherent beauty embodying every individual and their unique character is vital to learning and understanding the testament of love. When your heart strings tug upon another’s, just sit with the feeling. Let it be. Stop analyzing. Allow it to emanate within and to guide its own expression through you. Thank the Heavens that you can feel these connections with others and that quite possibly, your loving contribution is serving them in some mysterious, yet beneficial way.

May the bittersweet taste of love rest upon your divine palate—transcending your limited senses of illusory awareness. Project love, inward and outward, as though you are a mountain top and this eternal presence flows forth from deep within your chasm to all who need a sip of this exalted recollection.

That God-Source.

A flower never gives up striving to kiss the Sun, nor will the shadow of night ever pervade its wonderment for long.

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