I Love You {Because Now is the Only Moment}


Because you deserve to know.

A glow emanating from my heart, when I think of you.

No words can match, although I’ll try.

Only because distance separates our cold, shivering, lonely bodies at night; minds hardly at ease; souls wandering throughout the night—in search.

In the past, these words and their meaning…were often misplaced.

Through immense suffering, many trials and long pursuits, its meaning and intent now filling the voids created from long ago pain.

It’s because when I look into your eyes, you reveal to me—your inner light.

That flickering flame that remains eternally lit.

Ever so calm and brilliant in its glow, yet warmer now somehow.

Yes, I recognize it.

The pain, both given and accepted.

Every heart weeps.

“Dear stranger, we’ve known one another before this time.”

Wherever it was, I like to imagine us, dancing in the rain.

We were so young, then.

Where does it go?

Life…and time?

What’s this all for, if I never told you how beautiful you are, in every moment that our hearts collided?

Your soul speaks to me.

I’ve spent lifetime after lifetime, silencing how I truly felt.

Ignoring my love for you.

So, if morning were to never arrive then I must confess, “I love you, my love.” because the time has come and gone too many times for me to bear any longer.

Love too, erodes even the most brittle heart.

Yours, tempering the coldest steel.

My eyes close and you are there.

Shall we meet again—two souls mingling whilst at rest?



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