Basic Income {For All}


I’d like to know why less than 2% of the American public (540 members of Congress) are ultimately deciding the fate of 318.9 million (2014) Americans.

[540/318,000,000 = 1.69%].

Abstractly, it is multi-national corporations who are indeed influencing much of the decision-making in D.C. to the detriment of the majority voice.

[This is nothing new to anyone actually paying attention].

Again, the minority percentage of the Earth’s population, e.g. Boards of Directors of [profit-driven] enterprises who seek to funnel money (circulation) OUT of the economy are heavily influencing our global trajectory.

Seriously, if roughly 2-5% (minority) of the world’s population is responsible for making the majority of our decisions (for over SEVEN BILLION people), what will become of our inalienable equality?

What will become of planet Earth and all of its inhabitants?

We’re just giving it away (our birth right to experience prosperity and true freedom) – and alienating our children. They’re going to resent that we chose not to act on their behalf and instead decided that material gain was more important to our unsatisfactory moments of now.

[They (our children) are likely to follow us off the cliff].

“We live in a world where we’re willing to allow our children to die on our behalf [for the sanctity of our ‘precious’ livelihoods] – yet we are unwilling to die on behalf of theirs.”

Are you willing to give up your [everlasting] rights, ultimately ensuring your children’s indentured servitude in the future?

Why would we condemn our children, before ever giving them a chance to improve the world we live in?

Our Founding Fathers must be rolling in their graves.

It’s time to end class warfare. We are a post-modern, industrialized society. Sufficient technology exists to supplement our human needs while resolving the error of our ways.

We’re in the midst of a spiritual battle – between a [destructive] darkness or void, and an expansive light (creation). Which will you side with? Are you even capable of admitting that you too (the same as I), are responsible for our predicament?

Which side to you proclaim to represent? A loving Universe or a perpetual nightmare of unfathomable consequence?

I’d also like to know why the remaining 98% of our population has become so complacent, to allow the minority (rotten fruit) to spoil the riches of what would otherwise be, an [eternal] bountiful harvest – true prosperity, shared amongst the people; forged by the people.

Stop allowing ‘representatives’ who could care less about your needs, decide your reality.

[Unless you are making them profits, you’re worthless to them or worse, a dire threat to their existence].

Treat the minority like they are a cancer. Let’s work together, as the majority to cure this pandemic.

Even Jesus would agree, pluck thy rotten fruit – lest it spoils the entire crop.

“No good tree bears bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit.” – Luke 6:43

[Fuck me if I’m wrong].

Stop voting – corporations own the votes anyhow. As Mark Twain noted, “If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.”.

Stop paying taxes that contribute to international ecocide and genocide (planetary destruction).

FYI, there are absolutely NO laws in existence that enforce the federal income tax – it’s unconstitutional. [By paying income tax, you’ve legally entered into a binding contract with this morally corrupt agency]. The IRS (please, please prove me wrong) is in fact, a private corporation which leverages the U.S. Government (also a private corporation, registered under U.C.C. or Uniform Commercial Code) – not the other way around.

Like calling an apple an orange: The ‘United States’ Congress is parading around as a people’s institution or government but are actually nothing more than a business.

“I’m just a dumb hillbilly from Idaho. What the fuck do I know?” – At least I’m willing to investigate the construct of this manufactured reality and what it truly signifies so that I may arrive at or close to, the origins of truth while learning to express our welfare constructively.

[The Military Industrial Complex is responsible for international terrorism; ecocide and genocide. Your tax dollars support the Arms race and killing human beings for profit while allowing people around the world – some in your own community, to starve or live without fundamental basic needs].

Stop listening to these mongers who are shape-shifting your lives (corporate-controlled media for example). The very construct of your beliefs originate with what you’ve been taught. So imagine, everything you’ve been told as a lie or a distortion of the ultimate truth.

Public consensus [according to your favorite news (“tell-a-vision”) source] does not reflect the reality in which we are all a part of – that we’re progressing or evolving. If anything, we are on the verge of extinction.

[Virtually everything the public is told, is part of a disinformation campaign; co-opted by the C.I.A. (amongst other agencies, corporations and institutions)].

Question everything, including my own motives. Do one better, create your own motives and purpose to lead a better life than the one they’ve chosen for you.

[In the 20th century, the United States was involved in 29 overt wars (excluding all proxy wars). I believe, we’re long overdue for a revolution]. Source:

“I want my voice, my rights – back; NOW.”

“It’s time to speak the fuck up!” – Right, wrong or indifferent.

When the majority has sufficiently armed themselves with the truth, they become an impenetrable army. Our weapon? It is a unilateral, international community; one voice.

This is the information age. Your ignorance is their power.

“I am ignorant too.” I am learning to recognize higher truths and to live in accordance with Universal Laws (not those of which have been ordained by Man).

Although I feel in context that I can exhibit some solutions, I cannot solve them all. The only way to solve any crisis, is to act.

Grow a garden – this, in my opinion is the highest form of protest and non-partisan action. In other words, learn to become as self-reliant as possible; form your tribe – let your community become a nation.

Raise your own awareness about hyper-consumerism and what you can do to leave a smaller footprint upon this planet; not only while you’re here, but as an assurance to your beloved children that they too, will have earth to sow seeds, a fruitful harvest and pleasurable memories amongst family and friends – a qualitative and rich life, preserved and cherished by love.

Be the change – it’s simpler than you might think. Millions of people around the world are awakening. Are you ready to join the movement? Be bold; act bravely – in the face of fear (your tormentors; your captors).

End this [failed] experiment – this so-called democracy. Ha!

It may sound cliche but, “POWER TO THE PEOPLE!”.

“We cannot continue asking our children to fight our battles.”

Solidarity is the answer (like a basic, universal income and health insurance granted to every human being for starters).

Pluck the weeds and tend to the flock – thy family members and thy neighbors; thy community.

Sow seeds that provide nourishment for generations to come – ending peril and slavery [of every life-form].

“Listen to the Earth – She speaks.”

The solutions rest in our hands, as the majority share-holders of this planet.

What is worth living and dying for?

Have you ever asked yourself that question?

I’m prepared to defend my universal rights and to help influence the preservation of our resources for future generations that follow – to the death.

Unless you’re living for what you truly believe in, you’re just subsisting (surviving). This is what God intended – that we co-exist in unison, not separation; that we flourish.

Universal cooperation is possible, once we [the people] remember our universal birth rights; to express each and every uninhibited freedom of individuality AND exercising tolerance.

Remember your eternal nature and never fear the after-life. Courage and right-action (serving the will of others for the benefit of all) will certainly prevail over fear and cowardice.

I pray, that while I reside in this body, true liberty and justice for all [life] is served – swiftly.


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