Forces At Play


There are two opposing forces, endlessly resting upon one another—no space between; an eternal tug-of-war match between light and darkness.

This duel, ultimately teetering between a constructive and destructive Nature.

Neither one indifferent to the other.

Meaning, both are necessary for Universal expansion—through universal expression.

Right or wrong; good vs. evil; however we choose to view this phenomena influences which force wins out—for a time.

As the saying goes, “Energy is neither created nor destroyed”.

Transference of energy might be more accurate.

[Energy] harvest is essential to perpetuity.

We drift through consciousness, shifting from one form to another as we make our way from complete amnesia [and separation], back to the source of all that is.

Reincarnating over and over again, experiencing life and death—or, the after-life.

Bouncing back and forth between space/time and time/space.

Let us remember, that play is an integral part of happiness.

Somewhere in between these two forces, exists the existential (timeless) opportunity – to share this wonderment that is, source energy.

Two forces, merging as one—peace residing within stillness.

May we measure success on how much happiness we created while we were here.

It is our attention, that draws awareness and our love, bridging all divides.



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