Am I Truly Living?


If you were lying on your back, staring up at chalky ceiling panels and listening to machines hum around you, a drab television show invading your peace and nurses breezing by your doorway—would you wish then, with every ounce of conviction inside yourself that you were once again healthy?

Why does the human predicament insist upon so much suffering?

I’ve shunned myself for so long, feeling the way I do—often.

Alone, confused and unsatisfied.

Where had my happiness gone to?

It was just here.

Enthusiasm to be outside, for no reason.

Long walks, hikes and escapes into Nature.

I’m beginning to wonder, if for those who feel greatly…are we feeling what the Earth feels?

Her sorrow?

Are we harming ourselves, when we abuse Her?

Maybe, my voice can help our dilemma.

I believe our voices can heal the trauma.

We must speak up for the ways in which we feel the pain of love—every unique expression of individuality deserves its presence here for a time—inherently existent within each soul.

We must revitalize our creative origins and let them shine if we are to experience true harmony with our diverse, universal family.

So where is happiness?

Within the spirit of all things, even in sorrow—now smile, dear one.

The Sun always warms those who’ve sought refuge in the rain.

That being said, “I’ll see you again soon” and we’ll have a marvelous time!



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