Eternal Love

I think you’re an incredibly beautiful woman whose light shines intensely, making the darkness around you dim.

pexels-photo-medium (1).jpg

Your presence is unmistakable and lasting – long after you’ve departed.

Easily noticed, enamoring and bright.

Words that strum a rhythm only one’s heart can feel.

Sophisticated, respecting and modest.

Turning inward to shield all that would seek to harm, yet brave enough to open the gates and allow those who are deserving to enter.

I’m mystified by your intellect and deeply rooted empathy.

Tears run down your cheek and your heart brims with love, at the sight of what’s bitter and sweet.

A voice for others, having walked a path unlike any other, yet eerily similar to so many.

Bravery and daunting courage; raising your little ones to become our future way-showers.

Is there any other admirable duty for a woman to accept – that of maternity?

Yours is unique, in that you’ve readily chosen sacrifice on many fronts – both spoken and not.

I’ve felt your heart’s whispers from afar.

At first it was hard to distinguish – to decipher this encoded message.

Maybe it’s true, that your heart sings to the Earth and that the winds carry your love across vast distances – purifying all that lies in this wake.

Well I have felt your wonderful melody.

At first, I rested comfortably within your bosom – serenely unaware of the world around me.

After some time though, it became clear that my attachment to you was founded in desire and longing.

My path leads me on a winding road throughout the depths of the human predicament.

Many hills and valleys, rivers and tides – ebbing and flowing; that a wanderer must journey through, up, over and between.

An expanse of human behaviors – encoded within me and you.

It’s clear, your role as a wonderful mother, wife and good Samaritan too.

Mine is not and is trodden with uncertainty, loneliness and hunger.

To satiate one’s temptations and that siren’s song, I must shed a lonely tear and allow the Earth to caress, absorb and transmute that eulogy in order for peace to flow throughout.

Meaning, I have learned to let go – continually, despite fleeting desperation and sorrow.

Those whose hearts have captured mine – mingling for a time before parting ways, once again; I bow and thank you for the acknowledgement of two soul’s fateful collision – fireside song, dance and ceremony under the pale, full moon and blanketing stars.

Sparks, big bangs and black holes – its immensity shaping the Universe both within and out.

Oh, how I wish and dream of the life that you live – with children, a partner and a purpose to give.

Because of you though, my heart is again mended.

You showed up, nurtured, healed and tended.

My heart can now function the way it once did – without so many fractures; split open by kin.

Alas, the scars are visibly present and still tender; the memory of you embedded within – remarkably woven into the tapestry of my life.

A web of experiences – each strand no more or less what makes me who and what I am and where I’ve been.

Upon awakening, my inner voice motioned – to immerse one’s self completely into this world that is inherently, me.

Not out there, but right here and in this moment – wherever that is.

Please forgive our past grievances – from long ago lives, once lived.

Hands held tight, eyes locked yet blinded by sight – lips converging and new love emerging.

I love you eternally – your mirror, my own.

Not a day will go by, that you go unrecognized – your beauty, passion and expression – beneath this brightly lit, ocean-blue sky.

Know you are loved and cared for, despite our union remaining visceral and incomplete.



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