Problem Solving


Solve something that’s immediately in front of you, whether it’s related to a current ‘problem’ or not.

So long as you’re willing to ‘work’ on solutions and learn lessons that are before you, you’ll eventually solve that one problem.

It’s like a riddle, or a jig saw puzzle or a mystery. Whatever it is, open one door and close another. Investigate your environment. What needs tending to? Is there someone in your life right now who could benefit from your love and attention?

What’s been neglected in your inner world?

Is there something you’ve been starving yourself of?

Why do we shy away from what’s good for us, only to accept and endure what’s not?

Paying attention inwardly and outwardly through observation and curiosity helps us evaluate our priorities. It may seem counter-intuitive, to look away from an issue at hand but more often than not, I’ve experienced that only when I focused elsewhere did a solution present itself.

Once we have the key that opens or locks that door, we can then proceed from a broader perspective – typically with more understanding, compassion and love.

There are an infinite number of ‘problems’ that lay ahead, and it’s time we start helping others solve their challenges and allowing the same for ourselves.

Connection is vital to our evolvement as a collective and it’s important that we remember to tap into this directly.


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