Self-Reliance & Society.


Nature is self-reliant so why aren’t we?

I believed for a long time that if I earned more money, I could become more self-reliant—independent of need from others.

How false an ideal or poorly exhibited belief system this has served to be.

No matter how much money I’ve made, the choice to accumulate more things has nearly always surmounted what I could have instead chosen to do—help others.

Live with less, be happier with more—moments.

Minimalism is not for everyone.

A trigger around 2011 prompted me to begin scaling back on my needs and for the past four years now, I’ve begun letting go of my most precious things.

An air of relief surrounds me, knowing that these things are being used rather than collecting dust and space.

Considering the money spent, it has cost more to buy than it has to live without. Storing possessions and insisting that I’ll use them or that I’d have them when I want them.

To date, landfills are still getting fuller and it seems that consumerism is an unnerving addiction.

Okay, so what self reliance means to me: leading a life that consists of more meaningful experiences and less “material gain”.

It’s a conscious effort to stop literally buying happiness and instead allowing our innate creativity to spawn our well being naturally.

Often, I spend time in Nature to ensure I still feel the root of that necessary connection to our greater family.

Focusing on having plenty and ensuring we can provide for ourselves along with the ability to take care of others as needed too, is very constructive.

It’s purposeful.

My personal discovery related to self reliance has indicated that our needs are endless and no amount of money or ‘power’ will ever satiate these desires.

From my frame of mind, it’s painfully obvious that we could all, do with less to make room for more. In a society where people starve and are incarcerated, I am led to believe that we have failed to maintain our place as stewards here on this beautiful planet.

We have shifted from self reliance to self absorption. Addiction stems from persistent trauma and suffering. Even if a trauma occurred two decades ago, a person may possibly continue to suffer from its consequences.

As technology soars, collective intelligence seems to be waning. Compassion for life in all of its glorious forms seems to be diminishing.

Inanimate objects are now more important than people and their various, unending needs. There is truly just enough help in this world to offer service to others.

However, there is no longer space for selfish, idealized “living the dream” mentalities.

Children today will one day become adults and will look around them with a renewed perspective, feeling cheated out of what could be a wondrous existence—because we’ve instilled the wrong priorities and beliefs within these fragile human mindsets.

My head hangs low, knowing that most will choose their security and comforts instead of learning to live with less and conversely, give more.

There are no shortage of hands to sow seeds, to harvest fruit and to lend a helping hand to someone in need.

Do we really need gadgets or are we starving ourselves of real connection?

What bonds us will also break us.

Separation is born within and exhibited without.

Another note on self-reliance—by working for the benefit of others first, we’re ensured our own deep sense of satisfaction and achievement.

Prosperity is not the accumulation of riches and material possessions. It is however, the fulfillment of wealth—ceaselessly generated from within our heart space and given freely to others without bias.

“Under Pressure” Queen and David Bowie

R.I.P. David Bowie.


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